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Awwww, SOMEBODY Says Donald Trump Won The Debate, And It Is Enemy Russia

Looks like Russians are the only ones who like what Trump has to say. Maybe he should move there and never come back.
So there.

Counterpoint: Trump Lost, But Only Because He Hung Himself From His Own Dick

I was going to pass on writing about the debate because, as yr great Editrix pointed out in her #Slatepitch this morning, I was in the minority who thought Hillary lost, and if Trix agreed with me at first, that was...

Donald Trump And Rudy Giuliani Playing ‘Adulterous Slut’ Card Against Hillary Clinton. Really.

Hey remember all those times Trump and Giuliani banged mistresses while they were married to other ladies?

Trump Rationalizes Calling Miss Universe ‘Miss Piggy’ By Calling Her Fat Again

This is definitely the behavior of a person who is not an actual monster.

Slate Pitch: Hillary Clinton Was Terrible In Last Night’s Debate, And JUST KIDDING!

Hillz whomped Trump in the first debate real good, yes she did!

Wonkagenda: September 27, 2016

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Come Play Wonkette’s National Enquirer Debate Liveblog Drinking Game, And Die As Dead As Vince Foster!


TONIGHT! Ready To Watch Hillary Clinton Grind Donald Trump Down Into A Fine Dust?

Everything you never wanted to know about tonight's debate!

Wonkagenda: Monday, September 26, 2016

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Four Iowa Democrats Fight To Take Over Chuck Grassley’s Twitter Account: Your Senate Sunday

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is infamous for all the dumb stuff he's said on Twitter. Democrats would really like to try to help him find a better use for his time after November.

Sarah Palin Debates Cardboard Cutout Of Bill Nye, Science Guy, On Climate Change. Loses.

a href="http://wonkette.com/541213/bill-nye-expert-at-explaining-science-to-children-finds-it-too-complicated-for-a-creationist"Hey, wouldn't you just love to see Bill Nye debate Sarah Palin on the topic of climate change? He'd completely obliterate her, patiently taking her word salad, reducing it to its constituent molecules, and distributing them out into...

Ted Cruz’s April Fools Joke Will Make You Die Of Gigglegasms And Go To Hell

Oh man, stop the presses because it is the official Worst Day Of The Internet, otherwise known as April Fools' Day! And what happens when the Worst Day Of The Internet combines with the Most Hated Senator Who Is...
There are domains where science must not trespass!

Are Jeb And Dubya From The Same Family? A Wonksplainer

Americans are an inquisitive people, always driven to seek out answers to the questions that matter, like "Is there proof of Albert Einstein's theorized gravitational waves?" or "How should we address the threat of global warming?" or "Is our...
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Dyin' time's here.

Republicans Eat Each Other’s Faces Off In Yet Another Holy Jesus Debate

We've gotten accustomed to some pretty weird stuff happening during Republican debates, like the audience booing a gay soldier because Gay is worse than The Troops, or one of the candidates turning into a robot, or simply a constant...
Of course, in the REAL Old West, lawmen often confiscated your guns while you were in town

NRA Goon Challenges Obama To Friendly Shooting Match About Guns

A week after pussing out on the chance to show up at CNN's "town hall" discussion of guns, where President Obama cruelly taunted them for bravely running away, the National Rifle Associated has issued its own challenge to debate...

Republicans Agree Big Banks Are Growned Up Enough To Take Care Of Themselves

Here is a fun thing we learned at Tuesday's Republican debate! Do you know how all the too-big-to-fail banks got so big they damn near killed the entire global economy? The real reason will amaze you! Turns out the real reason is because Big...