death threats

Yesterday, The Smoking Gun published a ninety-zillion word story on Al Sharpton’s time as an FBI informant who spent several years helping the bureau — oh, sorry, The Bureau — get leads on Mafia figures in the Genovese crime family, even using a wired briefcase to record conversations. And yet, despite the marketability of such […]

You know what is apparently hard to understand? Conservative “sarcasm.” Hilarious, poorly timed, weak ass sarcasm, especially when it isn’t. As Boston was being terrorized and Dok Zoom was live blogging for us all on Monday, the social networks were ablaze with heartbroken exclamations of horror, shock, grief and sadness, and because this is America […]

Remember how, back in 2009, the “pro life” movement was horrified when its constant harassment and threats toward abortion providers inspired an extremist to murder Dr. George Tiller, and how it rethought those strategies in the wake of the killing? Yeah, neither do we. Four years on, a new clinic is opening to provide abortion […]

Minneapolis is apparently home to the newest Damien Hirst, as an art installation featuring the burned carcass of a cat, with an American flag staked through its heart and an Obama/Biden yard sign next to it, popped up in a public park yesterday. Clearly, though, the authorities don’t understand Conceptual Assemblage when they see it. […]

Ted Nugent is having a barbecue with the Secret Service, because he simply cannot stop asking ladies and Barack Obama to ride his machine gun, and suck on his machine gun, and die from the bullets ejaculating forth from his machine gun, and now he is like a black Jew at a Klan rally, he […]

Celebrated guitar-plucking analberry Ted Nugent caused quite the stir with this delightfully braindead comment the other day: “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Heh indeedy, what? Perhaps that was an “assassination joke,” or he was just chugging lighter […]

Our men’s room correspondent in Anchorage sent this wonderful picture of the bathroom wall at Ted Stevens International Airport. We guess this is what they call “publicly funded art” in Alaska, as everyone up there gets those “oil welfare” checks.

The Victory Mosque Imam and his wife got some death threats, but it’s OK because they basically deserve to die. [Atlas Shrugs] America’s most favorite propaganda tool, driving trucks around with sexy wingnut billboards attached, is finally being used in the War On Propaganda. [CNS] In Darfur, people have difficulty trusting in God because their […]

FreedomWorks is a sparkling beacon of truth, a special Made In China sweatshop beacon that turns into a Dick Armey-shaped sponge when you place it in a glass of water. So why do liberals keep emailing FreedomWorks hateful messages such as “eat a turd sandwich and then drop dead, preferably at this very moment”? It’s […]

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton high-fived a bunch of illegal immigrants the other day and ruled against the parts of Arizona’s immigration law that would have made them melt. BUT NOW REAL AMERICA IS ANGRY. You see, “some of the messages sent to Bolton are positive, but others are ‘from people venting and who have […]

INSANITY  4:02 pm August 13, 2009

by Jim Newell

NEW TIMMY MCVEIGH IN A RED BEETLE, NEGOTIATING WITH A BOMB ROBOT: “WESTWOOD — A man accused of making threats against the White House led officers on a wild freeway chase that ended in a standoff outside the Federal Building.” Nice. Hooray for August. What does this sentence mean?: “The LAPD bomb squad is using […]

Man, what kind of a free speech country do we even have anymore when a man holding an innocuous “Death to Obama” sign outside a contentious town hall meeting, one that goes about as poorly as the other meetings that featured GUNS AND KNIVES and lots of shouting, is detained by police? No wonder everybody […]

PARTY KITS  6:05 pm August 21, 2008

by Jim Newell

JUST LIKE AFTER 9/11: From Drudge: “MCCAIN OFFICE IN DENVER RECEIVES ENVELOPE WITH WHITE POWDER AND DEATH THREAT… DEVELOPING…” This is misleading. It was mailed to the wrong candidate, and the “death threat” was actually a post-it note from the friendly dealer warning Barry not to do too much at once. [Drudge Report]