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Say, Did We Mention TrumpCare Will Screw Over Disabled Kids And Special Ed? GET MAD.

You want deplorable? Here's deplorable.

Why Does MSNBC Think We Want To Watch Joe Walsh Being Racist (Again)?

That inner-city youth is at risk! Poor kid might be crushed by a straw man!

Jimmy Kimmel: Babies Shouldn’t Die. Wingnuts: We Are Fucking Monsters, So They Should

Jimmy Kimmel's baby is lucky. His heart defect is only physical.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks Would Rather Not Pay For Your Slut Cancer!

If we can't use health insurance to punish people, what's the point of having insurance at all?
Not how it works after all

More Town Hall Fun Times! Florida GOP Guy Quite Miffed You Children Mocking His Death Panels

Florida Man worries about Death Panels.

Trump Idiots Pretty Sure Beyoncé To Blame For Donald Trump Being So Rapey

It's so obvious, and if you can't see it, you're probably IN ON THE CONSPIRACY.
That works for political careers and reputations, too.

Paul Ryan Releases GOP Plan To Replace Obamacare With Awesome New Plan Someday

The Republicans finally have a plan to replace Obamacare! It's really more of a wish list for brainstorming what a plan might look like, after some planning.
Happy birthday, you young thing!

Happy 54th, President Obama! You’re Still The Kenyan Muslim Infiltrator OF OUR HEARTS!

On this day 54 years ago, the long foretold Barack Hussein Obama was born in a remote field in Indokenyamuslimstan, the love child of the Prophet Muhammad and Beyoncé, who is a lot older than she looks. Everybody was so...
Sad Jebbers is sadness.

Jeb Bush Will Murder Medicare And Your Mee-Maw

Are you an Old? If so, then this post is not for you, because Jeb Bush doesn't want to murder your Medicare. But are you a card-carrying member of the Future Olds Of America club? US TOO! Do you...
OK, it's a little heavyhanded. Except maybe compared to passing a law to keep someone on life support forever.

Jeb Bush Gonna Death-Panel Americans To Death, With Death Panels!

Probable presidential candidate John Ellis Bush ("Jeb") Bush, fresh off his recent interview bragging about how he saved Terri Schiavo's life real good 13 years ago, has given some thought to how future governors can be saved from the...
Fred Stein, 'Children reading newspaper' 1936

At The New York Times, A Slow News Day

Things have quieted down in Ferguson and we have a holiday weekend, so the New York Times is full of analysis-type stuff today. There's a pretty good piece on Democrats' attempts to mobilize African-American voters who are outraged over...

A Children’s Treasury Of Stupid Pictures From The Koch Brothers’ Anti-Obamacare Carnival

Last time we checked in with the Koch brothers' frathouse spinoff Generation Opportunity, they were attempting to convince DC's underemployed youth to shun Obamacare by drowning them in rail drinks and cheap sunglasses. Now that it's summertime, like everyone...

Barack Obama Thinks Obamacare Is So Cool Just Because Millions Of People Have Insurance Now Who Didn’t Before

Well that sounded a lot more like the Barack Obama we know and like. Barry gave the numbers -- 7.1 million enrollees -- and said that even though his failed healthcare policy had totally failed, he wasn't going to...

Obama Will Murder All Your Porn And Cat Videos, Too Bad, Suck It

OMG! Did you guys hear that the Internet is being given away? Quick! Download all the dirtiest porn you can, because THE INTERNET IS ABOUT TO GO AWAY FOREVER! YES, GODDAMIT, THIS DOES TOO DESERVE ALL CAPS BECAUSE THE...