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Here’s Everything That Killed Eric Garner (Other Than A Cop)

Same as it ever was.
For a bunch of people who forever criticize liberals for “never letting a crisis go to waste,” conservatives sure are trying hard to tie their onerous taxes hobbyhorse (among other things) to Eric Garner’s death. Sen. Rand Paul was the most prominent but by no means the only member of the right to try watering the tree of liberty with the blood of stupid. Here are a few more we have collected for you to read, because we hate you. (Kidding! We love you! Buy our coffee mugs!) Read more on Here’s Everything That Killed Eric Garner (Other Than A Cop)…
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Will You ‘Quit Money’ On U.S. Tax Day, Like ‘The Man Who Quit Money’?

American Tax Day is an unhappy time for most people, as we realize how little money we made during the previous year, or how much we’re paying in taxes, or how those good tax credits don’t apply for one reason or another, or how awful it is that we live in a country where the government extracts whatever it wants from our earnings and then spends it all on horrible bat-wing robot murder monsters soaring the skies over Afghanistan and Iraq and even right here in the U.S.A., while American kids go to bed hungry and teenagers with no education and no income are compelled by law to give birth to offspring they cannot possibly care for, and that the government will also not care for, because that violates Freedom. The culprit in all these crimes is Money, and a lovely man named Daniel Suelo has succeeded in quitting money altogether while living a rich and varied life. Read more on Will You ‘Quit Money’ On U.S. Tax Day, Like ‘The Man Who Quit Money’?…