david siegel

Well, David Siegel, whom people jumped all over just because he plagiarized a hilarious chain letter and threatened to fire all his employees if B. Barry Bamz won the ‘lection, in favor of holing up in his 5000 room mansion, has changed his tune and will not be firing all his employees to make a […]

Recently, numerous big Republican employers who’ve done incredibly well over the past four years have started to threaten their employees with layoffs if Barack Obama is reelected, because they’d logically give up billions of dollars to spite a black dude. Whether with chain letters, “voter information packets,” or just straight-up office e-mail blasts, conservative employers […]

If you work – and in this Obama economy, at least a few of you do, probably – then it’s about a 92% certainty that your boss is a dick. Your boss, however, is not nearly as much of a dick as David Siegel, founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts, and builder of a 90,000 […]