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Oh, whoops, did Your Wonkette just get itself “targeted” by DHS? Well, IT IS WORTH IT, to bring you these important stories from the nation’s cheese factory, the late great state of Wisconsin. First up! Chuck Norris sees your Bill Clinton, raises you a Chuck Norris! Wisconsin Democrats, Washington elite and insiders, and liberal special […]

Here is one way to get fired, when you work in the cable news “talent” industry: Secretly make a pilot show with your network’s main competition! That’s what weirdo anchorperson David Shuster got caught doing, taping a secret show for CNN while allegedly being the Loyal Employee of MSNBC. And now MSNBC is all, “You […]

David Shuster and Andrew Breitbart, goin’ stone cold nuts for 5+ minutes about ACORN and the Watergate Jr. Four. Three cheers for Cable News! Shuster is actually in New Orleans, which seems over the top. Then again, Andrew Breitbart’s entire life seems over the top. [YouTube]

Could this possibly be true? Famous MSNBC reporter David Shuster, who once boldly suggested that Hillary Clinton was a pimp who shopped around her daughter for cash in exchange for sex, allegedly has a bald spot, and allegedly gets very upset when his bald spot appears on the television. Who is the “source close to […]

HILLARY CLINTON  4:12 pm February 8, 2008

by Ken Layne