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David Horowitz Says Lynching Wasn’t Racist, Except Against Whites

Y'all know this fucking Horowitz prick?
True fact: Personal grooming regimen strictly dictated by Andrew Breitbart himself

Breitbart Watch: Stop Blood Libeling Steve Bannon By Calling Him Anti-Semitic!

Leave Steve Bannon ALOOOOOOOOONE!
Someone help him, please

Never Wrong Bill Kristol Says Independent Candidate Will Challenge Trump, LOL OK We’ll See

Sunday afternoon, Bill Kristol decided to leave a Memorial Day 'news' dump on Twitter. There will be a new candidate! It will be a good candidate! Bill Kristol is sure of it, and he's never wrong!

Gather Round, For Breitbart’s David Horowitz Is To Tell Us All About Blackness

First David Horowitz came for the Jews, and I said nothing, because eh, it's David Horowitz. Then he came for the black people, and I was like seriously, you sure you wanna do that, buddy?
Father Forgive them, for they are dumb as fuck like whoa.

Breitbart With The Important Question: Who Is A Jew?

David Horowitz writes at Dead Breitbart that Bill Kristol is a 'Renegade Jew.' What could possibly go wrong?
Can't you see how she's dividing America right here?

Beyoncé Super Bowl Show Features Black People, Wingnuts Super Outraged

Sunday's Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show at Levi's Stadium in Facebook, California, was tinged with controversy. In an astonishing move, the NFL chose Coldplay to headline as an obvious diversity hire. Some more sensitive types were unsettled by...
Somewhere somehow somebody must have kicked him around some. Maybe in the head.

Rand Paul: Why Help Iraqi Refugees? We Won, So Suck It, Losers.

Libertarian Superstar Rand Paul brought his trademark "Every issue must be discussed like a 2 AM bull session in the Objectivist Dorm" sensibilities to the issue of resettling Iraqi refugees, explaining that we don't need to help those people,...

Gay-Homo Gun-Grabbing Enviro-Pussy Burrito-Makers ‘Chipotle’ Being Communists Again :(

Sorry, CHIPOTLE. We bet you think you're real "cool" with your big phallic Gay Pride burritos and your fairy-pansy-literary bullshit on your bags, but Ben Shapiro's TRUTHREVOLT is here to lay the SMACKDOWN: you are a bunch of communists,...

Twitchy Very Sorry For Calling Pelosi ‘Jew-Hating Bitch,’ Meant To Quote Someone Saying It

We here at Yr Wonkette know we are not Very Serious Journalists, nor do we try to be, because (a) we enjoy telling jokes, which you sometimes even enjoy reading, thank you very much, try the veal and tip...

Conservatives Launch New Website To Take Down Institutional Left, No Really For Serious This Time You Guys!

Well this will be fun! Noodle-brained jackanape Ben Shapiro is teaming up with crankypants David Horowitz to launch something called TruthRevolt.org, described as “the conservative counterpunch to Media Matters.” To which yr Wonkette can only say: THANK YOU! We...

Mitt Romney: Why Can’t Amercia Be More Like China?

Oh goody, more incriminating audio from a Mitt Romney fundraiser. This one is  from a fundraiser he and his wife attended at the Irvine, California, home of David Horowitz (a different David Horowitz) back in March, and although Mittens...