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DYING To Know About TrumpCare? Wonkagenda For Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The health care you have, the health care you'll probably lose, and the AP's new rule for how to describe racists (as 'racists'!). Your daily news brief!
As snarly as they come

Darrell Issa So Mad About Guard Bonus Clawbacks He Knew About For Two Years, Did Nothing About!

Darrell Issa didn't do jack about the problem for two years, because he was too busy investigating Benghazi. Here's hoping the Democrat colonel guy he's running against is better at 'Congress.'
As snarly as they come

Snarling Congresscreep Darrell Issa Running Behind Democrat In New Poll. Cry, Darrell Issa, Cry!

Could one of Congress's biggest jerks be in danger? Here's hoping so!
Truly unexpected

House Democrats Borrow IRS Hearings To Ask What’s The Deal With Trump’s Taxes

Since Barack Obama keeps refusing to resign for his many crimes, House Republicans are still trying to find SOMEBODY to impeach over the long-discredited "IRS Scandal," so they've settled on trying to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Koskinen's on...
He does not even seem nice

Congressjerk Darrell Issa To Open Years-Long Hearings On Why He Might Lose His Seat This Fall

Eternally smirking GOP congressdope Darrell Issa's House seat might actually be endangered this year. Here's hoping he goes extinct, with votes.

House Republicans Bone The Gays While Democrats Squeal In Outrage. Typical Day In Congress.

This is why elections matter y'all. Even the boring, unsexy midterm ones.
As snarly as they come

Idiot Rep. Darrell Issa Won’t Let Obama Kill All The Cherokee By Closing Gitmo

We haven't heard from Rep. Darrell Issa much since he got the Benghazi knocked out of him a while back, but he's determined to get his snarling face on the TV news from time to time so he can...
Was there any other picture we could have used?

Why Dumbass Republicans Want To Impeach IRS For Doing Nothing Wrong: A Wonksplainer

Remember how we reported that the Department of Justice determined the IRS DID NOT harass teabagging morans, despite the lies of Darrell Issa & Co? We’ve known this has been a non-scandal for YEARS (proof here and here), but...
Just plain sad

What Does The Speaker Of The House Do, Other Than Adultery? A Wonksplainer

Republicans are avoiding the race for speaker of the House like how Rick Santorum avoids post-coital eye contact with goats. The job that is second in line for the presidency is only attracting whackjobs, arsonists, and tin foil hat-wearers....

Guess Which Whiny Crybaby Congressjerk Wants A Pay Raise This Time

Just to prove that Republicans do not have a monopoly on dick moves, Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings, who is ostensibly a Democrat -- the kind who won't campaign against Republicans -- is the latest member of Congress to whine...
The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker

The Fartknocker Report: Help, Help, Sarah Palin Is Being Repressed!

In one of her three new videos this week — seven minutes and 34 seconds of total run time, for those keeping score at home — Sarah Palin decided to squawk about Lois Lerner, because apparently that horse is not...
He does not even seem nice

Congressjerk Darrell Issa So Grateful Rudy Giuliani Finally Impugned Obama’s Patriotism

Now that ex-mayor and forever scumbag Rudy Giuliani has finally, for the first time ever, raised the question of whether Barack Obama really and truly loves America -- because that question has never been asked before -- some Republicans couldn't...
We're just kidding. Nobody's sitting calmly and playing cards in this one.

House Benghazi Committee To Investigate House Benghazi Committee

In a development that absolutely no one could have predicted if they were a blind cave fish happily feeding on isopods in a subterranean lake, it appears that there are Deep Partisan Rifts on the House Select Committee on...

Darrell Issa Still F*cking That IRS Chicken

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Richest Man in Congress) became a regular feature on the Conservative Top 40 charts this year with his songs of IRS malfeasance. Now, with the holidays fast approaching, Issa's releasing a Christmas album -- no new content, just...
Still missing an H

House Benghazi Report Finds No Conspiracies, Gets No Love From Fox

In a classic Friday news dump -- the favored method for releasing information when you hope the fewest people will notice -- the House Intelligence Committee released the results of its Great Big Benghazi Inquiry yesterday afternoon, and boy...

Eric Holder Peaces Out

Eric Holder has had enough of your shit, Congress. Like most of America, he is probably tired of grandstanding and bullshit partisan nonsense, so he is taking his indictments and going home. Today, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he...