darrel issa

Oh for the love of Moses, are we still rending our garments about the fauxspiracy that is IRSghazigate? That is sooooo last month. Despite all the super-earnest attempts by Republicans to make it A Thing — a we-must-impeach-Obama-thing, an Obama = Nixon thing, a this-is-why-we-should-repeal-Obamacare-but-seriously-you-guys-for-reals-this-time thing — it is so not a thing and never […]

Congressman Allen West hates it when black people play the race card. Hates it so much, that when they play it, he plays it right back, just to show ‘em. He’s the one who first put forward that Obamacare’s 10-percent “tanning tax” was racist, for example, because, well, he’s not doing any tanning, eh? More […]