You love dancing to Pharrell Williams’s criminally ubiquitous song, “Happy.” Venerable civil rights hero John Lewis loves dancing to “Happy.” People all over the world love dancing to “Happy” and posting videos doing it. However, it is not cool to be Happy in Iran, even though Iran thinks it is all about that non-censorship life. […]

Go here. You’re welcome.

Here is video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s visit Sunday to the West Toronto Church of God, just doing what almost all white politicians are required to do at some point: dancing very badly in the presence of black people. Think Anthony Weiner, or maybe George W. Bush, even. It’s a white guy thing, and […]

North Carolina legislators celebrated their victories over voting, poverty, and human decency, and they celebrated with THE DANCE! Meanwhile, everyone who wasn’t in the North Carolina Capitol celebrated by dying of back alley bortions, and starving because “poor.” [CNN]

OK, you harlots and fornicators, let’s get something clear right off the bat. This column’s examination of Christianist sex education books is a serious look at the cultural attitudes of the Religious Right, not just an excuse to snicker at the crazy fulminations of the late Hugh F. Pyle of Panama City Florida, the author […]

Weston, Florida – Floridians can breathe a sigh of relief and unlock their doors at night. There is no more need for police officers, and every senior citizen is now safe without the threat of being eaten by rap zombies. How did Weston create such an amazing utopia for its residents? How did they erase […]

LAAAAAAAADIES!  2:28 pm April 1, 2011

Julian Assange Dancing

by Jack Stuef

Yeah, about what you’d expect. [YouTube]

Hello! Has Satan ever kidnapped you at knife-point and then imprisoned you in his favorite fire dungeon, where thousands of sweaty young people “grind” to auto-tuned fart sounds accompanied by predictable bass lines and recycled MTV mashup samples, for the rest of eternity? It doesn’t even matter really, since these apocalyptic sex rites are performed […]

Remember when we noted yesterday that Bristol Palin said she would be doing “the jive” on national teevee and we joked that she would do it in blackface? Yeah, well, no, she did it in a gorilla suit, which is less offensive, we guess. But that is not the correct animal! In the modern American […]

Bristol Palin is of course planning on showing off her lithe young body for the entertainment of millions of Americans on the hit new TV show Rubbing Yourself Up Against A Total Stranger With The Stars. This seems like it might actually contradict her stated life goal of convincing young girls to refrain from screwing […]

Does it even matter that that Alvin Greene rap video obviously had nothing to do with his campaign? No. The line between Alvin Greene and the rest of the universe isn’t so clearly defined. The unmoved is the source of all movement, and for this reason, we have video of Alvin Greene dancing in the […]

Alaska’s First Family, the Palin-Johnstons, are at it again today with the expected news that Bristol Palin will perform on a reality teevee show. Were you hoping for Jersey Shore IV: Wasilla Dumpster Behind the Tattoo Parlor? Patience. For now, it’s Dancing With the Stars, ABC’s inexplicable hit from the 1990s about D-list media losers […]

Some IDF soldiers did a funny dance while “on patrol” (trying to find flotillas to murder). This lighthearted music video makes everything better; it heals all wounds, big and small. [Telegraph] The Episcopal Church is angry at the U.S. Senate for saying derogatory things about deceased terrorist Thurgood Marshall, who happens to be an Episcopal […]

Wednesday, June 2: Things we learned this week: Not even dressing up in Sex Monster costumes and prolonged public displays of affection can guarantee the success of a marriage. Oh well. But if the old tales of blogger/senator romance have you still believing in love, a romantic (and cheap!) date option is to enjoy the […]

So uh apparently Rush Limbaugh was a judge for the latest Miss America competition? And they played some song by Lady Gaga, and Rush stood up and danced? And this was very important, politically. (Gross.) [Politico via Alan Colmes' Liberaland]