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Why is it that the tears of Fox News hosts are so especially delicious? After getting huge ratings for his ranty pre-Super Bowl interview with President Obama, Bill O’Reilly and other Fox Newsers are now very, very hurt that not everybody thought it was an exercise in fair but tough-minded journalism. For instance, here’s Megyn […]

Tony Perkins, the head of the extreme anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council, says the Southern Poverty Law Center has blood on its hands after a pro-gay crazy guy came to the FRC’s DC office and tried to shoot up all the Christianists. Why is this the SPLC’s fault? Because the SPLC has been […]

What’s that? Is Sarah Palin reading newspapers now? Haha, no, she’s just retweeting the Weekly Standard again. But hey, we actually agree with her! The Washington Post is terrible! But it’s not “through” yet; it makes a lot of money gouging the government with its Kaplan brand of fake colleges and gouging rich parents with […]

Dana Milbank has declared that he will not talk about Sarah Palin in February, in order to get media attention. It’s working! Until he posted this yesterday: “I survived Day One of my February Sarah Palin moratorium, defeating the evil plans of ABC News’s Rick Klein. Only 27 days to go…” Yeah, that’s him mentioning […]

Hey! Obama finally did it, you guys! He has won over the key Dana Milbank constituency: “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of President Obama.” Sure, Dana Milbank was proud of Barack Obama when he was a child, but never as an adult. What could have prompted this important […]

So remember that decision by the Washington Post to start a humor blog? This thing now exists. We have seen this thing. And, umm: Sometimes I think that the area I am living in is not dangerous enough, so I run outdoors and paint a mural. Little-known fact: the more murals a neighborhood has, the […]

Here’s a fun thought experiment to distract us from rampant crap articles about Hillary Clinton running for vice-president: How would her party have fared in last Tuesday’s midterms if she was president? Pretty well, according to Dana Milbank! How does he know this? He discussed the matter with the world’s most impartial Hillary Clinton experts, […]

For some reason (publisher needed to go bankrupt for tax reasons?), somebody gave Dana Milbank a book deal. It’s out today, and it’s about Glenn Beck and entitled Tears of a Clown: Glenn Beck and the Tea Bagging of America, because Dana Milbank must want to be the next Ed Schultz or something. To drum […]

We shouldn’t expect anything weird to be tacked onto this nice little Howard Kurtz profile about how Time is somehow currently profitable despite utter irrelevance, correct? OH GOD: “The Washington Post has a new op-ed columnist.” Yes, if Krauthammer can be entrusted with lots of money to turn in a logic-hating column every week, why […]

Some IDF soldiers did a funny dance while “on patrol” (trying to find flotillas to murder). This lighthearted music video makes everything better; it heals all wounds, big and small. [Telegraph] The Episcopal Church is angry at the U.S. Senate for saying derogatory things about deceased terrorist Thurgood Marshall, who happens to be an Episcopal […]

The reviews are in for the president’s big Oval Office speech last night, and the consensus is “Meh, this is stupid, why did I watch this stupid thing, this is stupid.” If the pundit class is bored of his speeches, can Obama really continue to be president? Probably not.

Dana Milbank is all hot and bothered about how he and his pals could not get access to crucial private meetings between leaders of states with massive caches of nuclear materials: “Reporters, even those on the White House beat for two decades, said it was the most restrictive set of meetings they had ever seen […]

Everybody used to love Rahm Emanuel, the nine-and-a-half fingered dancing star, because he said “fuck” a lot and was considered, if not “Washington hot,” at least “hypertensive rage-filled arrogant monster hot.” But a year after the president’s chief of staff jet├ęd into office, everybody hates him, except for Dana Milbank, which is honestly not much […]

The Washington Post opinion editors searched far and wide, from North to South Pole, from the highest canopies of the Amazon to the murky floor of the Indian Ocean, for a new genius to grace its Sunday edition with the most profound weekly insights on America, God, Morality, and other very important topics. The search […]

Man, the top brass at the Washington Post are killing the everlasting shit out of Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza’s horrific web gag “Mouthpiece Theater,” and not very discreetly! Both Cillizza and in-house arbiter of all that is true and fair in media, Howard Kurtz, have written long pieces about this Internet “experiment” gone bad, […]