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For your Clipbait this morning we bring you this important Geopolitical Satire about the continuing crisis in Ukraine, which the Daily Caller hails as an unprecedented slam against Obamacare and a scathing attack on “Obama’s feckless handling of Ukraine.” Which is to say that there is a joke in the sketch about Obamacare being unpopular. […]

Dunderheaded gloryhole enthusiast Patrick Howley continues his crusade to bring the hardest of hard-hitting journalism to Tucker Carlson’s Internet Void with this breathless post about the White House’s pastry chef resigning his position because Michelle Obama is a health-conscious monster: White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses is resigning after First Lady Michelle Obama fundamentally […]

We were so very glad that CPAC was over, but we forgot that there would be post-CPAC pieces until everything turns into a SXSW thinkpiece, which doesn’t happen until about 3:30 am tomorrow. Sorry. The very worst of the post-CPAC thinkings, though, has already been barfed up onto the internet and you will not at […]

Young conservatives love Ronald Reagan. If you want them to come to your party, name it after the Gipper! Throw in some Reagan-themed cocktails and a swag table from the Daily Caller and you’ve got Reaganpalooza, an unofficial CPAC function that marked its 10th anniversary this year. Let’s see what all the fine young cannibals […]

Satiric Genius Patrick Howley has discovered a fun little web toy that tells you “the partisan affiliation of baby names.” The widget, a bit of fluff from campaign analytics outfit “Clarity Labs,” is pretty simple — put in a first name and it will match the name to the number of registered voters and their […]

How does it feel to be living in an unprecedented era of presidential overreach, America, one where tyrant Obama demands copies of “True Detective” and you have to slave over your television every Sunday like the peasant you are? Worse, now your African-American president Kenyan usurper saw white girl Alexandra Daddario’s boobs BEFORE YOU DID. […]

Oh, those high-living Obamas are up to their early-viewing tyranny again. In 2012 Michelle stoled all the Downton Abbeys, and now Barack Obama has muscled the CEO of HBO into giving him advance copies of the new season of Game of Thrones and the last three episodes of True Detective. Oh it is so very […]

The Daily Caller’s resident Speaker of Truth to Black Power and professional troll Neil Munro just wants you to know how outrageous it is that the Obamas have dogs and nice things: Poverty and unemployment are at near-record levels, the economy is stalled, and a record 47 million Americans are on food stamps, yet aides […]

We did not listen to Rand Paul’s Rand Paul Party Response to the State of the Union last night, so we are not sure if he talked up his latest, boldest legislative proposal to liberate Americans from a very specific kind of tyranny: the kind where you aren’t allowed to bring your gun into the […]

David Remnick wrote a million or so words about Barack Obama in the New Yorker this week, and several of those words were about the loco weed. And what did The POTUS say about the pot for us? “As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a […]

Happy weekend, wonktastic ones! You know how it works: Every weekend we see what horrible crud is stuck in our open browser tabs, bring you the stories that are too stoopid to ignore, but not quite worth a full post on their own, and then spend the rest of the day waiting for Heidi N. […]

So now it’s come to this: John Boehner lives in a DC apartment that he’s renting from a lobbyist for the tanning bed industry. This raises a number of questions, such as, “Is there anything untoward going on?” and “He has to know he’s trolling us, right?” and “Wait, there’s a tanning bed industry, and […]

Well, kids, we’ve cracked the code on today’s Republican talking point: boobie-staring freedoms and how the liberals are trying to take even that away from us. First, the Daily Caller reported that progressives are trying to “take away our activities” of staring at boobies, which is a “freedom” right there in the Constitution (written in […]

Leering homunculus Patrick Howley saw a link to a social science abstract somewhere (no, Mr. Howley, do not try to convince us that’s from your casual reading) about this study that seems to confirm that, yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as an “objectifying gaze” — and decided, based on absolutely nothing in the […]

Obama For America, the campaign organization thingy that is in charge of Prezzy Obezzy’s twitter feed for some unknown reason, has sent out a VERY OFFENSIVE TWEET “honoring” Rosa Parks by making it alllll about the first black president. Why would Rosa Parks have cared fuck-all about a black man becoming president, when she had […]