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Hey Mr. Levi Johnston, you better WATCH OUT because Sarah Palin as a new very hurtful nickname she will begin calling you! It is “Ricky Hollywood,” for reasons! Reports Ben Smith: “Asked by Oprah about Levi Johnston, Palin, R-Alaska, responded: ‘I don’t think a national television show is the place to discuss some of things […]

Well it is ABOUT TIME someone spoke out about Obama’s malicious treatment of Rihanna that night like a year ago when her boyfriend, Rihanna’s Boyfriend, hit her. And look, we already have the Daily Beast, explicitly designed for the publication and promotion of such a crucial polemic:

Now Meghan McCain is going to defend Joe Lieberman! No do not groan, this will be great! You know, at some point, someone will presumably let Meghan McCain in on the Meghan McCain “in-joke.” This will be a very sad day. Exhibit A, from beautiful, young Meg’s Daily Beast column: “I find it especially ironic […]

It’s here it’s here it’s here! We have not slept since Meghan McCain first promised the promised Daily Beast column in which she would refuse to apologize for her boobs’ preference for pop art. This was the biggest scandal in D.C. politics, just yesterday. “And I hadn’t even exposed a nipple,” she whines emptily and […]

WHAT UP Meg McCabe? It’s gonna be like this, is it? “After my recent appearance on Jay Leno, one Web site posted a comment from the editor saying, mockingly, they have a ‘NEW ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for comments of a certain strain about young Meg’s physical appearance. She is an impressionable young brilliant Republican strategist!’ […]

Hey remember Mark Sanford’s affair? Well, Mark Sanford certainly does, and he would like to take this opportunity to implore you to just GET OVER IT. In fact, he will be publicly reminding everyone of his own Argentinian extramarital sparkin’ thing until America decides to just grow up and forget it already. But you know, […]

Much like the earlier generations of unemployed bloggers, Meghan McCain is just so deep in the Internet right now that she’s going double insane. Behold her nervous, illiterate twitters about somebody she doesn’t know who may or may not exist, on the Internet, and perhaps at minimum exists on the other side of the country, […]

Uhh: “Dad loves the outdoors. He often took me fishing when I was a kid. We’d go fishing for bluefish off the coast of Maine. I learned the skills of fishing from listening to him, and the joy of fishing from watching him. Dad’s a good hunter, too, and one Christmas he gave me a […]

WHOA HEY  4:26 pm June 8, 2009

by Jim Newell

SELL OUT: What the dickens is this? It’s a piece your male associate editor wrote for Tina Brown’s Internet Tendency (can we still call it that?) about Terry McAuliffe’s insane Virginia governor campaign, fun. It has a vague “structure” and “argument” and simply would not have been appropriate for Wonkette. [Daily Beast]

Nah, we’ve read the whole thing, and there’s nothing dirty. Tricksy tricksy Meghan! The column’s called “The GOP Doesn’t Understand Sex” and it’s like, for serious, what is up with the GOP totally not ever talking about sex? What is up with that dudes? But she’s Meghan McCain and she don’t censor nothin’, she’ll write […]

Hey we solved a mystery, maybe! In her infamous Twitter Rant, Meghan McCain cites “a particularly nasty comment from a person I won’t say how but I indirectly work with questioning if I have ever worked.” Blah blah blah WHAT? (Just read it a few times and it will vaguely resemble English.) So who is […]

Whoa hey it’s Meghan McCain goin’ nuts on Twitter! It seems that a “co-worker” of hers at Tina Brown’s Death Lion has been talking SHIT about her and how she’s never had a job before, something your Wonkette had never considered until now (PSST search “meghan mccain” “unemployed”). This led Meghan to a churn out […]

Tina Brown’s Internet Tendency, Cthulhu du Jour, continues to pay Meghan McCain a few dollars to write what is starting to sound like some fading newspaper’s “youth columnist.” It is dismal. And today, it’s just some used-up “Whoa Karl Rove is on Twitter” waste product, which even your Wonkette got tired of back in January, […]

Condi Rice wrote an article for Tina Brown’s Internet Welfare Program For Lonely Republican Spinsters, and it is all about her new favorite game, golf. Somebody who knows something about golf might be able to “analyze” this article but we are not Deadspin over here so let’s just pick out some funny quotes.

It is the political news of the century, and the New York Observer has WON THE AFTERNOON: “Meghan McCain’s Book Sold to Hyperion For High Six Figures.” Yup! Somehow her insanely terrible Daily Beast/cable news media sojourn has worked, and now she is rich as the dickens, all over again. So what’s the book about? […]