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Fox News Decided To Spare America From Thinking Of Donald Trump Boning Porn Star Before Election

Why would Fox have killed this story just before the election? Truly, a quandary.

Anthony Scaramucci Still Fired, An Asshole

The real question: How much did Scaramucci pay people to say he was saying this?

Goodbye MAGA Doug, Rootin’-Tootinest Trump Troll In The Whole Wide World

Who you gonna believe, 30 witnesses or 'MAGA Doug'?

Russia Tried To Start A Black ‘War On Christmas,’ And IT. WAS. ADORABLE.

Russia tried to incite a black people War on Christmas. Vlad fail!

This Right Here Is Some Sexist Bullshit About … Omarosa? Okay, Omarosa.

West Wing MRAs are boring, whiny, delicate flowers.

Team Trump SO MAD Sneaky Russian Photographer Took Sneaky Russian Photos Like A Sneak

A picture is worth a thousand whines.
'I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.' -- Douglas Adams

2016 Was One Heck Of A Year For The Journamalisms!

2016 was a surprisingly good year for some surprisingly good journalism.

Eric Trump’s ‘Charity’ Helped Ugly Children Get New Noses

Good lord, Eric Trump's 'charity' was a hot mess.
i mean it's not 'grab em by the pussy' but still...

AT&T Loves America So Much It’s Selling Customers’ Privacy Straight To Law Enforcement

AT&T helps law enforcement reach out and touch someone without warrants -- and you help pay for it!

How Is The Daily Beast Being A Raging Dumpster Fire Today?

The Daily Beast thought it would be cool to publish a story that basically outed a bunch of gay Olympic athletes in Rio, some of them from 'notoriously homophobic' countries. For real, they did that.
Wonkette Niece fires Donald Trump RIGHT BACK.

Republicans Are Jackholes And So Are Restaurant Customers. Your Weekly Top Ten

Top o' the Saturday morning to you, Wonkers! We assume you are lounged out in your Hello Kitty snuggie, ready to catch up on your Wonket Top Ten reading list from the week. If you're not, then take care of...

How We Got Even Dumber Watching TV ‘News’ On San Bernardino

Jesus, but this story was an effing mess. Watching the major networks (primarily Fox, MSNBC, and CNN, although at one point we flipped to CBSNews for about 20 minutes because we needed a power nap), yr Wonkette was subjected to so...

Donald Trump Never Raped His Wife And Even If He Did It Was Classy

Not that it's likely to cause even the least hiccup in his campaign prospects, but here's a whole new Donald Trump mess that's actually old: the Daily Beast reminds us that during his very classy and completely amicable divorce from...

Daily Caller Dude Suddenly Realizes Sarah Palin Is Dumb And Terrible, Would Like A Medal Please

Some "writer" at Tucker Carlson's interwebs home for keyboard-banging anger bears has made an amazing discovery. And that discovery is that Sarah Palin sucks, maybe? In a column cleverly titled "You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin" at the...

The Taliban Getting Pretty High And Mighty About Daily Beast’s Crimes Against Journalism

Daily Beast, we hope you are good and ashamed of yourself! You have been called out for your bad behavior by no less an authority on "crimes" than the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan," known to you and me as...

Tina Brown To Leave Daily Beast, Now Free To Ruin New Publication

Today we bid farewell -- or prepare to bid farewell, if "a source with direct knowledge" has given the straight dope to Buzzfeed -- to Tina Brown as editor of The Daily Beast, and maybe, who knows, to the...