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WHITE DADS ON DOPE! A Thanksgiving Mommyblog

And how was YOUR Thanksgiving?


Not pictured: His dad's pride and joy, apparently.

Hey Everyone, Let’s Talk About Justin Bieber’s Penis, With His Dad!

Dads are great. (Unless yours isn't.) They share wisdom. (Unless yours doesn't.) They go to your piano recitals, and they never fail to support whatever it is their crazy kids get into, even if they don't always know what...
"Screw you, kid"

What If We Cut Off Food Stamps And Starve The Poors In Baltimore? That Might Work!

Baltimore's citizens are as mad as hell and sick and tired of being sick and tired, and every jerkhole with a mouth has an opinion about what they really need to shut 'em up and make 'em stop being...

Oh Look At All These Dads Creeping On Their Daughters, For Jesus

In virginity news, let us now examine Swedish photographer David Magnusson's photographs of fathers and virginal daughters at their purity balls. What is a purity ball, you ask? Oh, just a formal ceremony where a daughter pledges not to...

Pearls, Clutched: Joe Biden Mocked Paul Ryan’s Dead Dad By Saying ‘Dad’ And ‘Paul Ryan’ In Same Sentence

The Weekly Standard reports! Vice President Joe Biden invoked Paul Ryan's deceased father to question the Republican vice presidential candidate's values: Blah blah blah, transcript transcript transcript. Ryan's father died when the congressman was 15 years old. That is pretty...

Loughner’s Annoying Dad Bothered Him On Way To Alleged Murders

Saturday's shooting spree and attempted assassination in Arizona is a story of senseless violence, mental instability, but also bravery. But also also, it is a story of dads being dads. Dads: Why won't they leave you alone? Why are...