Welcome, wonkeesters, to another edition of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we hose down the news, filter out the stories that weren’t quite worth a whole post but too stoopid to ignore altogether, spray the whole mess with cheap booze, and bring you the runoff. Enjoy! Our first story violates the entire premise of […]

RNC chairman Michael Steele is either dumb or really likes making his party angry and/or sigh, because yesterday he was caught on video in a circus tent saying that the Afghanistan war is bad and didn’t need to be fought. (And Obama is a bad president for inventing this war.) Steele forgot that Republicans love […]

Some silly scamps labor under the grave misconception that our president is a bird, or a giraffe, or a unicorn. But no, Obama is a wee baby rhinoceros, born in a Ugandan zoo to a Kenyan father and an American mother. This is why the Birthers have been unable to find any Kenyan documents about […]

Rush Limbaugh, grr! The other day he brought up on his radio show the oft-cited observation that your dog’s penicillin costs 25 cents while your own penicillin costs 25 dollars, which sucks for you, or something to that effect, and blah blah blah free markets and healthcare. WHATEVER. The point is his girlfriend has a […]

Oh look, it’s more pictures of Our Barry back at Occidental College, before he was “radicalized” and decided to forge his live birth certificate! (FACT: Did you know that Ann “Stanley” Dunham had sex with a space monster somewhere over the Atlantic and bore the spawn in Indonesia, which is illegal? Barack Obama has no […]