culture war

Some people simply do not handle losing very well. Unable to accept that the electoral system in their beloved Constitution could possibly allow those other people to win, they suggest that maybe we need a revolution, or that America died and God’s wrath is at hand, or that maybe rassenfracken pimps whores welfare brats makin’ […]

As we all know, there are no racists in the Republican party, because Martin Luther King was a Republican and Robert Byrd was at one time in the Klan, and also nothing changed in either party after the passage of the Civil Right Act of 1964 and the Voting Right Acts of 1965. Nevertheless, there […]

Huzzah! We’ve reached the Victorian Era in our 10th-grade World History textbook, World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective. Funny how so much of the best world history in this book just happens to be British history, isn’t it? We’ll assume this is simple Anglophilia on the part of the editors, with no theological implications, […]

The “Children of Mary,” a group of nuns in Ohio, has released a video that is a kind of one-stop shopping trip for insane ideas about birth control. If you can’t bring yourself to waste 13 minutes of your life watching it (and we do not blame you at all if you decide to skip […]

Charge up your Flux Capacitors, folks! It’s time for our weekly foray into the past — or at least, the past as it happened in the fevered imaginations of fundamentalist Christians. Our text is again World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective (A Beka Book, 1997). This book does, in its tendentious way, present mostly-factual […]

You may have noticed, a couple weeks ago, that Google’s “doodle” for Independence Day was a tribute to Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land.” Lord knows the Wingnutosphere noticed; where a sane person would stick to objective facts and condemn the doodle for its excessively busy, icepick-to-the-visual-cortex graphic design, Big Government’s perpetually Red-’bating Ben […]

Hooray! The Texas GOP has published its 2012 platform! It’s a bonanza for list-makers, from Think Progress to Comedy Central, because it’s just THAT FULL of crazy. It’s a veritable Boffo’s Joke Emporium Grab-Bag of lunacy: we’ve got pledges to repeal the 1965 Voter [sic] Rights Act, to stop the womenfolk from doing ungodly things […]

Another in an apparently never-ending series of special guest bloogs from DoktorZoom. Hey, Mommy-Blog readers! Just when you thought you’d gotten over that Mother’s Day story about child psychopaths, New York Times reporter Alan Schwarz brings us a new thing for parents to be worried about: drug-addled teenagers! But these are not the hop-headed angel-dusting […]

Before “Pearl Harbor” was reduced to a three-hour reel of explosions starring overpriced wooden puppet Ben Affleck, it was a place where a bunch of American soldiers were attacked by a bunch of Japanese soldiers these seventy years ago today. A Day of Infamy, if you will. You may remember from every commemorative evening news […]

Did you hear about liberal hate site “Groupon” sponsoring the racist Donald Trump’s racism? Groupon, you’re fired! What’s next? How about those liberals at the Mormon university? Yeah, how about them? A guy who makes prints of Jesus and the GOP Presidents and the Troops has pulled his precious artworks from the Mormon Church-owned Brigham […]

We do not understand why so many of you send us rabid, furious e-mails demanding that we post about the naked lady Carrie Prejean, who has nothing to do with politics, and brings out the worst behavior on both sides of the Culture Wars. But whatever, ha ha ha ha ha ha, she’s naked again: […]