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Sometimes he likes to imagine being president

Trump Appointees Accidentally Fuck Over Coal Companies In Name Of Free Market. WHOOPS!

Some ideas are too grifty even for Trump appointees. Go figure!

Ann Coulter And Sarah Palin Feeling BETRAYED! By Sexxxy Boyfriend Donald Trump

Did Donald Trump use idiots like Coulter and Palin just to attain power, and really doesn't actually care about them? MAYBE POSSIBLY!

Electric Car Maker Tesla Motors Beats Projections, Posts Quarterly Profit, Capitalism A Little Sad But Taking It OK

Five hundred million American bucks, chiseled out of your ass, and “loaned” to a South African billionaire who’s building an all-electric luxury car and… it worked? Looks like it! OK, yes, this is Tesla’s first quarterly profit in ten years. And...

Why Is Sarah Palin a Crazy Liberal Communist Now All of a Sudden?

BUT WHO WILL FIGHT THE GREEDY CORPORATE PIGS RUNNING THE COUNTRY? Haha, you thought, "the Wall Street protesters." WRONG. "Sarah Palin" is the correct answer, ever since the five or so seconds ago when she vaguely tuned into the...