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Meet Republican Gurley Martin, Senate Candidate of Kentucky

  vote for the non-rapist!


Fox News Decides It Needs More Context On This ‘Hanky Panky’



  keeping america safe from bernie kerik

We met through this same Internet siteTHIS MAN WAS NOMINATED TO BE SECRETARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY: “A judge tossed former ...

  annals of justice

This is what you do to the father of our country?WHOA THAT IS HARSH: Famous George Washington lookalike and Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff ...

Blagojevich Told Press To ‘Go Ahead And Tape Me’

  he loves to be taped by everyone


  lobbyist thieves
  • K STREET BANK LOOTED: Somebody robbed the PNC Bank at 14th and K. Obviously it was lobbyists driven insane with fear that they will all turn into impoverished destitute train-ridin’ hobos once Barack Nobama comes to town and taxes them for working hard. Either that or, you ...

Several Comical Instances Of Botched Crimes

  metro section
  • Apparent 1980s Orlando club owner Paul Strauss, who moonlights as a DC “Shadow Senator”—an entirely unreal position he’s sometimes leveraged in attempts to hook up with Hayden Panetierre—acted like he was a real Senator during a recent DUI arrest. [MOAR WORDS!