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Tag: creeping sharia

Early draft obtained by Wonkette

Texas State Rep. Just Wants To Poll Muslims On How Terroristy They Are. Is That Wrong?

No wonder Texas loons weren't going insane about this last year. It's a biennial event.
All the lies, none of the energy.

Donald Trump Gives Low-Energy Teleprompter Speech And Nobody Cares. Sad!

Donald Trump gave a speech about Hillary Clinton, and thanks to the miracle of Twitter, it was fact-checked to pieces while in progress.

Idaho’s Goofiest Lawmaker, Super Christian Sheryl Nuxoll, Loses Republican Primary. Bye!

Idaho's most consistently wackaloon lawmaker lost her primary election Tuesday. With any luck, more nutty extremists will come along to take her place.

Ted Cruz Narrowly Escapes Jaws Of Muslim Brotherhood

It's a day, so Ted Cruz is being a dick. Monday morning, he told a gay man at a town hall in New York how much he loves religious liberty, and how it applies to EVERYBODY, including Christians, Jews, atheists, and...
They're also keeping Texas safe from Yeti attacks

Armed Patriots Save Texas From Freedom Of Religion

A group of armed protesters stood around with guns and signs outside a mosque in Irving, Texas, Saturday to protect the Lone Star State from the imminent threats of sharia law and/or terrorism. After a few hours of making...
I suppose now Adam Sandler wants a White House invitation, too?

BREAKING: Nerd Hero Teen Didn’t Whittle His Clock From Scratch, Send Him To Gitmo!

The Wingnuttosphere has spent a fair chunk of the weekend getting very exercised about a post from a weekly Buffalo newspaper Thursday that "exposed" -- with the breathless excitement of the best investigative journalism -- the True Facts about...
Oh look, it's the new face of terror: A bright 14-year old. But he's Muslim!!!!!!!!

Wingnuts Have Had It With That Muslim Teen Terrorist Ahmed Mohamed And His ‘Science’

Of course there's a backlash. Couldn't possibly have any story about a Muslim kid mistakenly accused of making a hoax bomb and then showered with love from fellow geeks, and have that be the end of it. Gotta gin...

All-American Teenage Science Nerd Hero Ahmed Mohamed Invited To Run The World

It's been a seriously strange 48 hours for Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old kid from Irving, Texas, who went from potential criminal suspect to instant Geek Hero, thanks to his idiot school's overreaction to a simple electronic clock that scared...
No fair, why does HE get to use his phone and we can't? MOM!

President Obama Invites Teen Muslim ‘Bomb-Maker’ To Jihad The White House

Do you know the name Ahmed Mohamed yet? You should. He's probably going to cure cancer, or reverse the effects of global warming, or finally invent us some damned jet packs. (We are STILL waiting!) Also, he's the 14-year-old...
Actually, Texas isn't so big on the 'Thinking' either. Just sit there and don't make trouble, OK?

Texas Teen Builds Clock, Gets Arrested For ‘Bomb Hoax.’ Did We Mention He’s Muslim? Yeah.

An Irving, Texas, teenager who loves tinkering with electronics and computers learned an important lesson this week about the American values of hard work, individual initiative, and original thinking this week. And that lesson is that if you exhibit...
The Ululating Dead

Texans Fear Muslim Corpses Will Escape Planned Cemetery, Do Jihad On Them

Oh, lookie here, it's Texans being paranoid again, only this time it's not about Jade Helm 15, chemtrails, or gay wedding registries at the Mega-Lo Mart. A bunch of nice folks in North Texas are jes' powerful afeared that if...
Newsweek's gift to posterity

Deleted Comments Of The Week: There’s Sharia Creepin’ All Over Wonkette!

For a mommyblog and recipe hub that doesn't allow comments, Yr Wonkette sure got a lot of crazy ones on our story about Friday's Great Big Free-Speech-n-Guns Rally Against Islam in Phoenix. Our favorite was from "Elizabeth," who explained...
Get out of that state, get out of that state you're in. You better beware...

Sure, Idaho, Child Support Bill Will Lead To Sharia Law. What? No, You’re Not Crazy At All

The Idaho Legislature's 2015 session came to an exciting end Friday with a small group of nutjob Republicans killing off a bill to enforce child support judgments so Idaho wouldn't have to fear living under the yoke of radical...
She seems nice

Muslim Texans Singing (American) National Anthem Shouted Down By The *Real* Patriots

Thursday was "Texas Muslim Capitol Day," an annual event held to encourage Muslim Texans to visit the state capitol in Austin and learn about state government and how to meet with lawmakers and such. Which means, of course, that...
America now officially over

Supreme Court Says Muslim Inmate Can Grow Beard, Sharia Law Now In Effect

Get ready for another round of whining about "creeping Sharia," America. The Supreme Court has ruled that an Arkansas prisoner can grow a beard because he's a Muslim. The justices said that inmate Gregory Holt could maintain a half-inch beard...
Um... I don't mind the head covering. But why goggles and bunny ears? I'm sure there's a very good reason.

Schoolkids Take Mosque Field Trip, Wingnuts Obviously Just Fine With That

Here is the latest evidence that the entire nation has been taken over by Sharia Law (the creeping kind): On a field trip to a Denver mosque, girls will be required to cover their hair. What has this country...