Pat Robertson has had quite the week. After sounding the alarm about the apocalyptic asteroid event that could happen next week, or ever, Robertson advised a 700 Club caller that his wife probably withheld sex because of childhood sexual abuse, and that obviously, the caller should just divorce her. Given that surveys have shown that […]

There are some secret tapes of Mitch McConnell only talking, don’t be gross — and it appears the man is worse than we ever thought, in the how is he even able to dress himself much less be a Senator? way. When Ashley Judd said she was thinking hard about a possible run for Mitch’s […]

Anyone here from SOUTH CAROLINA? Yes? Maybe you can explain to us why your state is so crazy, possibly as crazy as Florida (or at least, coming at a close second): South Carolina state Rep. Bill Chumley last week pre-filedĀ a bill for the upcoming legislative session that would criminalize implementation of President Barack Obama’s 2010 […]

The crazed baby-farming, Bush-groping McCarthyite fluorescent light bulb evangelist Michele Bachmann captures the imaginations of liberals and artists alike. How, they wonder, can somebody be so nuts without very publicly nurturing an addiction to high-strength prescription meds?