Yesterday we learned all about how young Willard “Mitt” Romney used to terrorize gay people with scissors during his time at the Cranbrook Boarding School For Youths Of A Certain Gentility. And then our own Kirsten Boyd Johnson was like, “Oh yeah I went to Cranbrook.” Jesus Kirsten, ABOUT TIME YOU SAID THAT much? Anyway, […]

Preppy shit Mitt Romney is responding to today’s story about him leading a high school mob to hair-rape a gay in classic style: First, apologizing while laughing his ass off, and then struggling to solicit “supporting remarks” from the few classmates he didn’t terrorize. Boy howdy, we’re having some fun now. Did you know that […]

Mitt Romney is willing to put up with a lot of crap to get his hands on the presidency he (believes he) so richly deserves. The unfiltered contempt of his fellow conservatives, for example! The indignity of being colonoscopied on-air by specially selected wigs from the Fox News Collection. The dog-and-Missouri-Fox-Trotter show of election by […]