Four score and seven years ago, our Founding Fathers created Craigslist so that horny wingnut dudes could hook up for spontaneous sexual encounters in the nation’s capital, while Defending Liberty. And over the weekend, some patriots acknowledged the Fathers’ hard work and ingenuity, and used Craigslist to try and Restore each others’ Honor with their […]

RACIAL PROGRESS  11:22 am June 17, 2010

by Ken Layne

RACIST LAWN DECORATIONS FOR SALE, IN 2010, IN NEW JERSEY: Hooray for Diversity of Thought! An alert Wonkette operative found these charming lawn jockeys and other racist trinkets common in the 19th Century available for sale right now! “WE WILL BE OPEN SELLING OUR CUSTOM MADE STATUES,” says the Craigslist ad. “WE ALSO HAVE VERY […]

Future and/or current Washingtonians! Are you looking for a shared housing situation in a walkable neighborhood near downtown and the Metro, but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to handle keep a detailed log of all your pooping? Why not live in Revolution House? The name might make you think that you’re going to be […]

In today’s edition of Wonkette Real Estate Prospects For Summertime Workers, we have this room available for rent in DC’s lovely Capitol Hill neighborhood. Your roommate would tell you about all the hottest Defense Department gossip, take you to the blandest fun spots in town, and also MAINTAIN A WRITTEN RECORD OF YOUR SHIT. [Consumerist […]

Is it possible for anyone to say no to this draining? [Craigslist]

Tell you what, it’s about dang time they made a craigslist for conservative real ‘mericuns, caint even look for some coonhounds what without gettin’ all distracted by the filthy pre-vert m4m ads, next thing you know the devil done led you to some rest-stop men’s room and stuck some feller’s peter in your mouth, it’s […]

Tipster “paperpush” sends us news that at least one (1) new job has been created in the Bay Area. Green shoots, etc! Are you a right-of-center sort of thinker with mad writing skillz and decent hygiene? Read on.

There are a bunch of these on craigslist, and who knows how many of them are Democratic operatives setting traps. But! If you find yourself in a situation tonight where, ohhh let’s see, you’re having gay sex in the anus with a closeted Republican politician, then please share with and we may write about […]

Well, this one just smacks of implausibility — what “tall and handsome 6’3″ and work out daily” kind of guy do you know who would have to go on Craigslist looking for a party date? — but whatever, we’ll bite. He does not care if you are an 89-year-old skeletal space monster, as long as […]

… GO ON?

Well this is the shadiest sentence ever written: “Located in the heart of DC on embassy road –where all of the embassy’s are.” Hmm, wonder if that’s near Embassy Row, where there are also a lot of embassies? Another major tip-off: “All money will be handled through money wire.” A true plutocrat would never be […]

Hello, jobless hordes of the D.C. metropolitan area! Would you like to sell extremely unofficial Inaugural Postcards of our new Shark God, Mr. President Obama? Well good! First, of course, you will need to come up with the cash to buy these things, Wholesale, and then you will easily be able to sell them Retail […]

If you’ve got a spare ticket to Obama’s Election Night Party in Chicago, you are going to get more ass than a toilet seat. Possibly attractive people are offering full access to all their various orifices to any creep with the special currency of Tuesday Night at Grant Park. Join us for a lecherous tour […]

The Republican National Convention has brought truckloads of new visitors to the Twin Cities — and with every event getting canceled in honor of the poor black people who didn’t get killed in the hurricane yesterday, veritable dozens of GOP males were left in their swank hotel rooms with nothing to do. Let’s find out […]

ORGANS FOR HOPE  3:02 pm August 28, 2008

This Is A Great Deal!

by Jim Newell

Hell, we already have two, but we’ll take another. There’s a food shortage PEOPLE and kidneys taste gooooood. [Craigslist]