Hey, remember that fat white guy who lost weight and now wants to put the ‘white’ back in White House? No, not the one what closes bridges because of petty political bickering — the other GOP white guy, the one who rocks out on gee-tar. Yeah, Mike Huckabee. He is back in the news because […]

Hey fuckers. You know how I, your beloved Editrix, am constantly asking you for shit? First I ask you for muneez, and then, even though you send it to me, I load the site down with so many ads it looks like a hoarder’s house! (Just last week I found a cat skeleton crushed under […]

We had a feeling that just one collection of Halloween idiocy would not be sufficient to hold all the Derp that the holiday generates, and we were right. So here we go with Derpin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. How about we just get the ugliest story out of the way right up front? In Norfolk, Virginia, […]

Man, it seems like just yesterday, and not a full week ago, that the Texas state legislature finished up its Very Special Session with a heroic butt-kicking of the Republican Party, said kicking having been led by one Wendy Davis, a hard-charging state senator who has overcome the crippling twin disabilities of single motherhood and […]

The diversity of America inevitably means that each region or city responds to tragic events in unique ways. In New York after 9/11, the Yankees and Mets introduced “God Bless America” to the seventh inning stretch. New Orleans residents integrated their feelings of abandonment and despair regarding the government’s response to Katrina into satirical floats […]

We guess this New Jersey homeowner has not heard the terrible news that Barack NOBAMA has turned the Good Ol’ US of A into a socialist nightmare, as he has taken to the pixels of Craigslist to offer up this gorgeous Gary Gardner-built manse for only $3.175 million to those Franch elite (or Franch elite […]

Oh look, here’s some joe trying to sell his manure spreader on the ‘puter. And it’s fifty years old — what a steal! We bring this to you, however, not simply as the latest installment in the Wonkette Springtime $hopping Guide. We think there is some sort of metaphor at work here, on Craigslist… a […]

Like every year at CPAC time, the “no strings attached” sex Internet is busy busy busy with self-hating closeted homosexual Republican men who like to take a break from cheering on homophobic bible clods by going back to the hotel with a discreet dude who wants to give/receive some oral, “maybe more with the right […]

We have no idea at all what this bizarre casting call spotted on Craigslist in Minneapolis looking for “patriotic couples” is, but the antics of screaming racist hillbillies made COPS pretty popular for a while there, so we’ll go out on a limb and say this sounds like the potential for a major ratings hit. […]

When Republican Congressman Chris Lee resigned a few weeks ago mere hours after Gawker published what appeared to be e-mails and a photo he sent to a lady on Craigslist about wanting to have an affair, it surprised people. People such as us. If a married diaperman such as David Vitter can survive and even […]

Did you have any doubt that this existed? Los Angeles cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz posted it to Twitter yesterday. But the Internet is so slow in Egypt this week, it took until just now for it to finally download on Hosni Mubarak’s iPhone. And then he resigned and Egypt was free of tyranny, just like that! […]

Weirdo Republican House Rep. Chris Lee of New York’s 26th District was actually trying to hook up with ladies on the Internet, which is so not the way the GOP rolls, so he has already resigned in shame, the end. Honestly, that’s the end to this dumb, quick, embarrassing story. He really can spend more […]

Gawker has published e-mails they say are from married Republican Congressman Chris Lee, who was apparently trolling Craigslist D.C.’s “Women Seeking Men” forum and sent a lady a shirtless camera-phone photo of him flexing his bicep in a bathroom mirror like some meathead 15-year-old on Facebook. Chris Lee is never going to hear the end […]

Home foreclosures are up 25 percent, which is probably why everyone is just getting so high. More than 2.3 million homes have been repossessed by lenders since the Greatest Recession began three years ago. And what has Obama done to help Real Americans keep their trailer-homes, since obviously he is to blame for everything bad […]

Your Wonkette reporter of The Homosexuals is back bearing good news, or as they like to call it in church, “a new gospel”: All of the world’s lesbians have been fully repented for! This happened last week, in Sacramento, at a big Jesus party thrown by My Boyfriend Lou Engle. Though he has failed utterly in […]