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Oopsies, Mitt Romney Probably Did Not Win Iowa Primary

The team of artificial intelligence experts currently maintaining the Mitt Romney apparatus may soon need to inject their baby with a bit more inevitability fluid. You may recall the reports that Mitt’s 8-vote victory in the Iowa primary may have in fact been a 12-vote loss due to a reporting error. But, ugh, counting and stuff is so boring everyone pretty much ignored that story. Plus some slick GOP toadies rushed to assure everyone that Mitt was the true victor, not that smug weirdo Rick Santorum. Actual election officials, however, will begin the certification process tonight and most likely hand Santorum the win about two weeks too late for it to matter. What a frothy mess. [Daily Beast] Read more on Oopsies, Mitt Romney Probably Did Not Win Iowa Primary…
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HuffPost’s New Citizen Journalism Ethics Clock Thing Is Exactly As Important As It Sounds

Do you know what time it is?? It is HALF PAST SERIOUS O’CLOCK, right now and forever, on the HuffingtonPost.com. Yeah, you’re goddamn right someone embedded little countdown clocks that correspond to unpunished Congressional ethics violations somehow! “In the public interest, HuffPost is launching a congressional ethics clock to note the number of days (and hours and minutes and seconds) it’s been since a potential ethics violation has been probed or brought to the attention of Congress’s self-appointed watchdogs.” Uhh, and guess what Charlie Rangel? That clock embed is going to continue to tick until there are some big BIG CHANGES around here. Mmhmm. We’ll wait. [HuffPost] Read more on HuffPost’s New Citizen Journalism Ethics Clock Thing Is Exactly As Important As It Sounds…

Hillary’s Magical Maps!

Top Clinton advisor Harold Ickes arrived on Capitol Hill yesterday armed with magical maps showing how his candidate would win the nomination if Democrats were Republicans, Florida and Michigan’s excluded votes were included, and black caucus-goers were cast into the sea. These maps created a spacious gulag in the Middle West for educated voters under 40, and demonstrated how Barack Obama could never win tough Republican strongholds like California and New York. Read more on Hillary’s Magical Maps!…

Decoding The Note: As Easy as ABC, 123

From today’s edition of “The Note”: Mark Halperin would gladly go to jail to protect the identity of number 4. Speaking of things missing from the Note: If one were going to opine about “the battle for elite hearts and minds on the right over Harriet Miers” might not one want to mention