You may remember Vance McAllister, the family-values Republican from Louisiana who made sexxxy kisses all over one of his staffer’s faces, and then fired that staffer because her sluttiness was contributing to a hostile work environment or whatever. Welp, Vance has decided that he’s not going to run for re-election, and he’s also apparently decided […]

We have a new entry into the coveted Wonkette Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award! His name is Phillip Puckett, and he was until very recently a Democratic state Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia. That is, until some GOP senators gave him this nice bunch of cash for his daughter’s wedding a real nice […]

Patrick Cannon, the hotty (former, disgraced) mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, pleads guilty today to the crime of loving too much, and also the crime of “bribery or whatever,” and also having some sort of fake feminine hygiene product that he wanted real money for? And something about a nightclub? Was unclear.

We were pretty excited yesterday reading about the impending indictment of Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island, FUCK YOU BUDDY!) on federal charges. The only mystery was the nature of the charges, since prosecutors had not yet unsealed the indictment. Because a frisson of excitement runs up our spine anytime the words politician and indictment appear […]

We have had a great time the last few months laughing at the crusading Staten Island congressman Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Roid Rage) as he took the House by storm: standing up to our tyrannical President’s unprecedented, Constitution-shredding decision to impose a $4 annual fee on cell phones to fund high-speed Internet for schools, threatening to […]

The strange case of Leland Yee, the Democratic California state Senator charged with bribery and corruption and general terribleness Wednesday, lends itself to media analogies. The Escapist decided Yee was a character from Grand Theft Auto, which works nicely with his previous attempt to ban the sale of violent videogames to minors. San Francisco Magazine […]

Dear Hotty Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, The Touch, the Sigh, the Moment when we wake at Night, in a cold sweat knowing it was just a dream and you are as far from us as you can be, because of how you will probably be going to prison. Our darling, how long must we be […]

You might or might not remember former Illinois Congressweirdo Mel Reynolds, a seriously freaky guy who in the early ’90s managed to get elected — twice — despite being more than a little bit skeevy. His Chicago district somehow managed to send him back to Congress in 1994 even after he’d been accused of doing […]

We hope former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell enjoyed the ten days off since his term ended since he now will spend the immediate future trying to avoid a stretch in the pokey. That’s because old Grifter Bob and his wife Maureen were indicted by a federal grand jury on 14 counts of corruption. Hey, at […]

Well, golly, we sure did attack that Cenk Uygur something fierce! The “attack” consisted of mentioning that a recording of Eleanor Holmes Norton leaving a message asking for a campaign contribution was from 2010, and in suggesting that it didn’t sound like “extortion” to us. (We also made fun of the video’s “taco robot death […]

We were pretty sexcited to listen to this audio recording of DC’s congresswoman, Eleanor Holmes Norton, being “brazen” and “corrupt” and asking for “bribes.” From 2010. Which we laughed at when Andrew Breitbart first breathlessly posted it. Which The Young Turks just posted as news. Would she have a bribe menu, like the late lamented […]

A West Virginia judge was indicted last Thursday on two charges of conspiracy after spending years trying to frame the husband of his former lover with a number of crimes. The AP reports that the indictment against Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury alleges that he tried between 2008 and 2012 to frame Robert Woodruff […]

As flags across New Jersey fly at half-staff in remembrance of beloved teevee man James Gandolfini, dozens of Garden State politicians are scrambling to explain their connections to an illegal pay-t0-play scheme that wouldn’t have felt out of place in one of the more boring episodes of The Sopranos. Here’s how it worked: the bankrupt […]

So you see, Texas has this thing called a Public Integrity Unit, which is supposed to ride herd on public officials’ ethics and spending and stuff. Except now it doesn’t do anything, because Gov. Rick Perry used his line-item veto to eliminate funding for the Unit after the “some lady” in our headline, Travis County […]