We were pretty excited when Miss Kaili Joy came into the sekrit Wonket chatcave with this totally popular Salon tweet that had been liked by one egg. Kaili Joy G: should we place bets on what he’s talking about? I haven’t clicked yet Gary L: the immigration reform bill Rebecca S: I know! I know! […]

This post brought to you by the auspices of the Patty Dumpling Endowed Chair for Oil-Spill Blogging. Attention, Wonkrinis! The Beehive State is throwing an Earth Day poster contest, with the very excellent theme of “Where Would WE Be Without Oil, Gas & Mining?” and we know ever so many of you would like to […]

After we received a delightful phoney-baloney legal threat from Expert Showman Bradlee Dean’s assistant lickspittle, just because we supposably “defamed” Dean by directly quoting him, we asked you, the Wonkettariat, to show us your fauxto chops and serve us up some manipulated images, for Comedy! We also asked you to prepare us some lawyerly replies […]

Hey, remember today? When we got that hilares letter informing us that we better, like, say sorry or something, and DEFINITELY take down all that libel-y stuff about one Mr. Herr Doktor Bradlee Dean? Well, some of you asked for a Photoshop contest, but we will do you one better! Since so many Wonkerados are […]

We asked, Wonkerados, and you answered. And since National Journal already has its listicle “21 Conservatives Who Insist Obama Skeet Shooting Photo Is Fake,” we thought we’d show them what fake really looks like.

Updated below. We have a contest on our hands, people! There are no rules but the prize is getting married. Since Maryland voters got all hopped up on equality and passed Question 6, Your Wonkette has decided to get in on the gay marriage game, because we Care About The Community and it sounds way […]

What is the worst possible thing that Egg Romney could call the Romney flying machine? Here is a message from His Lord High Hairgel Mittens of Romney, to inform us! Ann likes to joke that the campaign plane should be called “Hair Force One.”

Tipster ‘NotThatDewey’ has apparently landed himself on a heck of an email list, and now the down home, grassroots folks of the American Petroleum Institute would like him (and you!) to put together a one-minute video showing the positive wonderful and totally orgasmic benefits of fracking! Does fracking increase your girth for her pleasure? […]

Whoops, it turns out that when you wheedle your Editrix into doing a Wonkette contest she expects you to judge the contest! What a meanie. Because your Comics Curmudgeon does not like saying no to people or making them feel bad! And lots of you submitted funny Mitt Romney I’m With Mitt Instagram iPhone Photos […]

Who are the smartest, prettiest, nicest, least sexual-harrassy, best commenters in the whole wide Internet? Wonkers, that is who! And it is lucky that we did not announce our winners in the Official George W. Bush White House Portrait MSPaint Contest before today, because your Editrix woke up late after an all night Sudoku binge […]

Did we all have a good time watching Dubya make some funneez at the White House today? It was pretty good! He was all like, haha, you know and I know and everybody knows that I was pretty much the worst at being the preznit, for reals, hilares, just Mr. Jokey Jokey about what a […]

OK, yes, ha ha, we’ve all had a good laugh about the fact that version 1.0 of Mitt Romney’s world-beating With Mitt iPhone app proclaimed that he would proudly lead his real home nation of “Amercia,” but I think we’re missing the important point here: the only thing this app does is overlay a series […]

Go get all those guns and quaaludes you keep locked up in the shitter, because it’s time for the latest Wonkette Art Contest! Random House has sent us two autographed copies of Friend of Wonkette Rachel Maddow’s new book, Drift, an empirical study of floating wood patterns in the Missouri River between 1876 to 1912. […]

It is now time for an important Phriday Photo Phun Contest! Buzzfeed’s continuing mission to unearth every possible comical Romney clan photo from the far corners of the Internet has finally hit pay dirt with some hawt topless Mitt Romney pixxx. How does shirtless Mitt Romney stack up next to the other Republican presidential candidates? […]

Because of the upcoming April 1 performance of teevee’s anti-Jesus person Bill Maher at the Bethesda Strathmore Music Center, we had a pair of tickets to give away to the Wonkette reader who could make the most troubling computer image of Maher mud wrestling St. Joseph Ratzinger, the famous Nazi Hero who recently became the […]