Texas judge Pat Priest sentenced DeLay to three years on a conspiracy charge and also sentenced him to five years in prison for money laundering. Priest, however, allowed DeLay to accept 10 years probation on the money laundering charge, assuming he meets certain conditions set by the court. DeLay could have received up to life […]

Have you heard about the impending invasion of the Space Devils? Whether it’s another discovery of a new “earthlike” planet filled with thousand-foot-tall rape monsters or the latest MSNBC documentary about the night demons who arrive all the time in UFOs as foretold in the Bible, it seems we just can’t escape the fact that […]

Are you ready for the X-Files + Loose Change × JFK of our Time? Of course you are! This is the whole point of the Internet! Well, the very busy bees at the Palingates blog have just announced the “birth” of a very spooky/crazy YouTube thriller called The Perfidy of Sarah Palin; Chapter 2. The […]

It is summertime, is it not, fellow Wonketeers? And summertime means summer reading: a mystery on the beach, occasional dips into the new Ecco Anthology of International Poetry while you’re on a bus or train to somewhere interesting, or perhaps The Charterhouse of Parma in the shade of a poplar tree. Then again, books and […]

Charleston City Councilman Vic Rawl announced today that he’s officially filing a protest against the results of last Tuesday’s Democratic U.S. Senate primary in South Carolina, which was a landslide victory for mentally unstable unemployed accused-sex-offender Alvin Greene, who didn’t so much campaign or do fund-raising or have a staff or come up with issue […]

KKK prank Alvin Greene gives a painful telephone interview here, and whoa man, now you know what makes South Carolina Republicans laugh. [YouTube via Wonkette operative "Rev. Peter Lemonjello"]

An unemployed black man who made no campaign appearances, has no campaign organization and mysteriously paid his $10,400 filing fee out of his own pocket handily won yesterday’s Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina. RedState teabagger creep Erick Erickson twittered “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” upon learning the news, and Mother Jones quickly revealed that the new nominee — […]

Here is a fun thing about old-school Conspiracy Theories: They were often true. The Bilderberg Group was, until just a couple of years ago, dismissed by the Lame Stream Media as some kind of crazy fiction — but the terrifying reality was that the news companies were all in on it, for decades, so the […]

Do you love to watch the video for the 1993 hip-hop pop hit “Whoomp (There It Is)”? Of course you do, it is literally all you do all day, we bet, using a VHS player. Well then, you’re surely familiar with the smiling dude in the Compton cap at the 1:01 mark in this video, […]

Of course this story got buried on the weekend, when nobody pays attention to anything. Obama, that thief who somehow won the election by getting all those popular and electoral votes, filled out his nasty socialist Census — when did we have to deal with that intrusive crap before Nobama, eh? — and what do […]

We heard on the radio that today was National Census Celebration Day, in celebration of the Census, which is happening now, as Wolf Blitzer might say, if he knew anything about what was happening. And then, on the radio, there were all these people calling in from Brooklyn and Queens and wherever saying, “Oh noes, […]

Wonkette pal (and your editor’s former editor at LA CityBeat) Rebecca Schoenkopf sends this note regarding Erik Brown, the Orange County GOP donor now taking the fall for the RNC’s $2,000 sexytime at West Hollywood’s Club Voyeur bondage-lesbian den of debauchery: “I know Erik Brown really well; we used to do a radio show together,” […]

Here is some exclusive Xmas video of some nutter, maybe Mary Cheney? Let’s say Mary Cheney, just trying to help out old Monster Dad’s reputation, or something? Anyway, Santa doesn’t love you anymore until you admit ghost planes flew into the WTC, which was made of magic steel. [YouTube]

It’s a good thing National Review isn’t a Real American business that need to make money or anything, because otherwise it would go broke after the outrageous decision by its libtard editors to publish a long, detailed and sane deconstruction of the Birther Conspiracy. Of course, none of the NRO cowards would dare sign their […]

It’s Liz Glover! Hi Liz, to whom are you speaking to on the videophone today? Ah, it is Questlove from The Roots, in DC for the Rock the Bells deal, with some important conspiracy theories about Sarah Palin and the RNC!