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Rightwing Nutjob Begs: ‘Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Stonewall Inn!’

This is apparently some kind of revenge for taking down confederate monuments.

Weird Dilbert Guy Scott Adams, Cruelly Persecuted By #HillBullies, Continues Descent Into Madness

Are #Hillbullies being paid to be mean to Scott Adams On Twitter? Obviously!

Hey, All Y’all Who Whine That ‘All Lives Matter’: Tell It To This Little Black Girl

Nine-year-old Zianna Oliphant spoke unforgettable words to the Charlotte City Council. Will people listen?

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want To Admit Refugees Because He’s A Racist, Dammit, A RACIST!

Is Trump really concerned about protecting Americans? Hahahaha, you are funny!

Trump Idiot Katrina Pierson So Mad Libtard Dallas Morning News Endorsed First Dem In 75 Years

Have you read the Dallas Morning News's endorsement of Hillary? It is excellent!

Ann Coulter Finally Stands Up For ‘Rape Victim,’ And It Is Somehow Donald Trump

Ann Coulter wants to know why all these GOP wusses are standing by and letting Donald Trump get 'raped' by the media.

Michael Jordan Would Like To Have A Word With You People About Police Violence

Michael Jordan is a very big superstar important person! Will this help change the conversation?

Leslie Jones Is Black, Female, And In ‘Ghostbusters.’ Here Come A Thousand Racists With ‘Monkey’ Jokes

You know, because they are just like Lenny Bruce, except not funny.

Rep. Steve King Will Stop Lady-Hating Racists From Putting Harriet Tubman On $20

Rep. Steve King is just not ready for this kind of change.
It was seersucker/candystriper day in the Senate

Old Bob Bennett’s Dying Wish: Find Me Some Muslims To Apologize To For Trump

Former Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah had a last wish, and that was to apologize to Muslims for Donald Trump and the bigotry that his party has built. Credit where it's due: he did the right thing.

Idaho’s Goofiest Lawmaker, Super Christian Sheryl Nuxoll, Loses Republican Primary. Bye!

Idaho's most consistently wackaloon lawmaker lost her primary election Tuesday. With any luck, more nutty extremists will come along to take her place.
Guess this makes them serious candidates.

Ben Carson The Trump Supporter Hates Donald Trump So Much, You Guys

<a href="http://wonkette.com/595704/ben-carson-insists-he-really-was-a-teen-thug-stabs-cnn-reporter-to-prove-it"></a>Um, Ben Carson is almost as bad at supporting people for president as he is at running for president. We did not actually know that was possible, considering how he is a brain surgeon who got confused by...

North Carolina Prepares For Jizz-Pocalypse After Being Cockblocked By Mean Porn Site

<a href="http://wonkette.com/600547/north-carolina-republican-breaks-up-with-bruce-springsteen-becomes-belieber"></a>North Carolina has really done it this time with its new anti-LGBT law, HB 2. It was one thing when it was just Paypal canceling expansion plans in North Carolina. It was another when Bruce Springsteen decided to...

North Carolina Republicans Pass Bill Telling Transgaysexuals To Eff Right Off

We have good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news. (Shut up, that's how we do.) TheĀ super craptastic billĀ for which the North Carolina legislature held a special session, at an additional cost to taxpayers of $42,000...
What? This .gif is totally relevant, NO YOU SHUT UP.

South Dakota Governor Doesn’t Want To Peek At Kids’ Junk In The Bathroom For Some Reason

In February we told you about a whole passel of lesbogaygender-hatin' bills being considered in the great state of South Dakota. And for once, we can report that there is GOOD NEWS about one of those bills, specifically HB...