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Tag: connie schultz

Seriously bad cops

Morning Maddow: Just How Awful Is Cleveland’s Police Department? Federal Takeover Awful (Video)

Rachel Maddow led off Thursday's broadcast with a review of just how terrible the police are in Cleveland, Ohio. How terrible? Very. Very, very terrible. The Justice Department released a report Thursday on the policing madness in that city, along...
12. Years. Old.

Northeast Ohio Media Group Further Explains Why 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Needed Shooting

There's this publishing concern in Cleveland with the mellifluous name "Northeast Ohio Media Group" (NEOMG) -- it owns the Cleveland Plain Dealer and runs the Cleveland.com website, which you might think are the same thing but aren't, quite. If...

Embedded Journalist Connie Schultz Weasels Out Of Breitbart Wannabe’s Sneaky Gotcha! Question

Syndicated columnist and Elite Media Figure Connie Schultz presents us with an object lesson in how to cleverly avoid answering pointed questions from citizen-journalists who tell you that they have the goods on you. (Above. It is right there...