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The cross flag lapel pin is a nice touch.

Kris Kobach Will Make Voting Great Again! (Offer Valid For Old White Republicans Only)

'Voting' sure was nice while it lasted.

Senate Voting On Letting Severely Mentally Ill Folks Buy Guns, For That Well-Regulated Militia

Did anyone actually run on the 'more guns for the severely mentally ill' ticket?

Betsy DeVos’s Confirmation Hearing Was TOTAL SH*T SHOW, Let’s Laugh At It!

The Democrats were SO MEAN, and it was awesome.

Old Man Arrested Just For Grabbing Town Worker Right By The Pussy

Chris von Keyserling, a well-known Republican 'pinched' a town worker 'in the groin area.' THANKS TRUMP.
Richard Blumenthal shows you his Pokemans, Brian Schatz hangs loose

Your Senate Sunday: Connecticut And Hawaii Just Blued Themselves!

Let's take a look at a couple of safe Democratic Senate seats for a change. Also, an incumbent who was once falsely accused of sheep diddling.

DNC Night Three: Let’s Meet This Tim Kaine Person, Shall We? Also, Barry Bamz! A Livebloog

It's Night Three of the Democratic Convention. Let's watch together.
Look at all those magazines! Or are they clips?

Supreme Court Lets Connecticut, New York Come For Your Assault Rifles, America Finished (Again)

The Supreme Court has declined to hear appeals to laws banning the sale or possession of assault-style rifles in Connecticut and New York. Guess that issue's settled, then.
Clearly a terrifying presence

Trans Panicked Lady Yells At Short-Haired Gal In Walmart Restroom, Saves America

A Connecticut woman says the was called "disgusting" in a Walmart restroom by a shopper who assumed she was trans because she has short hair. Disgusting? Maybe. But COMPLETELY ADORABLE.
Oh, it's this asshole again

Evil Dumb Maine Gov. Paul LePage Would Love To See Heads Roll In Public Square

Maine's functionally illiterate idiot Gov. Paul LePage flapped his face hole again, and that never works out well for him. Earlier this month, he was sorry not sorry OK maybe a little sorry but not really for saying "guys by the name D-Money, Smoothie,...

Racist Idiot Maine Gov. Paul LePage: I’m Not Sorry ‘My Brain Didn’t Catch Up To My Mouth’

OK, everybody, shut it down. There's no reason to poutrage over Maine Gov. Paul LePage's claim on Thursday that "guys by the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty" are invading sweet lil' old Maine, from the Big City of Connecticut, to...

The Vilest Moments Of The GOP Las Vegas Debate, As Chosen By Wonkette, Which Knows From ‘Vile’

Now that we've had almost a full day to take our Dramamine, and maybe some knockout-drops, we are ready to look back at the main GOP debate in Las Vegas and determine: who, among the Trumps and not-Trumps, managed...

For Third Anniversary Of Newtown Child Murders, Give Classy ‘Christian Carry’ Pin To Someone You Love

It's been three years since Sandy Hook, and 554 American children have been killed by guns since then. That works out to an average of one child sacrificed every other day on the altar of the Holy Second Amendment....
Sad Jebbers is sadness.

President Jeb Bush Addresses Grieving Nation: ‘Stuff Happens’

If you've been wondering what President Jeb Bush, what with being a Bush and having all that genetic expertise on how to do presidenting real good, would do about the mass shootings we have every single week in America,...
This would fix everything

Another Mass Shooting In America. What The Hell Are We Supposed To Say?

What are we supposed to tell you about the man who murdered 10 people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on Thursday morning? Gawker's Sam Biddle wrote on Thursday in defense of reporters contacting witnesses, via Twitter, even if it...
Same as it ever was.

NRA Dude Hopes Virginia Shooting Victims’ Parents Won’t Be Total Pussies About This

After last week's horrific on-air murder of TV journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward, many people immediately braced themselves for exactly what disgusting thing the NRA would have to say. At first, there were mostly tumbleweeds, but as the NRA is...
Bias Confession: I think Howl is a wee bit overrated

High School Teacher Canned For Teaching Allen Ginsberg’s Filthy Buttsechs Poetry

The children of South Windsor, Connecticut, are at long last safe from the pernicious influence of David Olio, who has been forced to resign as an English teacher at South Windsor High School after showing a video of Allen...