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Congress Wants Trump’s ‘Tapes,’ If There Are Any ‘Tapes’ (Are There ‘Tapes’?)

It's like 1974 all over again! Do we need to buy Harvest Gold kitchen appliances?
OK, maybe not a room at the State Department...

Vladimir Putin Picks Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson For Secretary Of State, Trump Agrees

Donald Trump's choice for secretary of State appears to be just another Russian hack.
Flynn's the Thanksgiving General: He lobbied for Turkey

Trump’s Likely Pick For National Security Advisor Only A Little Unhinged And Corrupt

He's definitely Flynn, though not necessarily In.

Hillary Bros, Really, Please Do Not Slap A Lady

Slapping Bernie supporters is not cute, it's not cool, it's not funny, it's not okay. Wendell Pierce, go directly to jail!

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Will Teach Democrats Lesson By Refusing To Swear Any Of Them In

Let's say you've just won a special election for a seat in your state senate. Let's also say that although the governor of your state is from the other political party, he has already scheduled your swearing-in ceremony for...
Still claims not to be Eric Holder, reportedly has not yet died of old age

Loretta Lynch Confirmed; Eric Holder Can Finally Take This Job And Shove It

Congratulations, Loretta Lynch! You have been confirmed as Attorney General, and it only took 166 days, which, as a student of History, you may be interested to know, is much longer than the entire lifespan of quite a few...
Best jazz hands in the business

Morning Maddow: WTF, Senate Democrats, Part Deux (Video)

Rachel Maddow brings us this lovely follow-up to her Tuesday-night WTF at Senate Democrats' decision to just give up on confirming Loretta Lynch as attorney general. Get ready for more WTF: The Senate isn't apparently going to confirm any...
Thanks a lot, Senate Dems -- you've made Rachel wear her 'I can't believe this shit' face.

Morning Maddow: Sorry, Barry, Lamest Lame Ducks Ever Giving Up On Confirming Loretta Lynch (Video)

Yr Wonkette would just like to remind you that it's awfully early in the day to start drinking. For some reason, that snippet of advice occurs to us as we bring you Rachel Maddow's lead story from Tuesday night:...
We make the *other* poor dumb bastard die of Ebola

Idiots Blocked Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee. Thanks Obama!

Important news from the "I know Obama's an obstructionist, what am I?" front. Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt explained on Meet the Press Sunday why America doesn't have a Surgeon General during this here Ebola outbarack: turns out that it...

Nobody Expects The Minnesota-Teens-Who-Approve-Of-Gay-Marriage Inquisition!

We all know that the holy rite of communion is not available to divorced Catholics, remarried Catholics, and nuns who are hospital administrators and allow women whose lives are in immediate danger from their pregnancies to get abortions. (And...