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Come gather ’round ye olde interweb appliance, Wonkers, and share the joy of today’s Comment O’ the Day, chosen carefully from all the comments we happened to look at! In this morning’s post on the geniuses of Open Carry Texas getting a bit of a scolding from the NRA, we found this gem from Treasured […]

Hey, kids, you know what we haven’t done in a while? This very thing here, what we are doing right this moment: Wonkette’s Comment Win of the Afternoon, the feature where we heap praise upon an especially brilliant comment, which is odd, since Wonkette does not allow comments. Let’s see who our lucky winner of […]

As you all know, Yr Wonkette does not allow comments, but if we did, we would certainly get a lot of interesting communications! For instance, we received this missive from “jsk” in response to Thursday’s story about the nonrevelations in the Benghazi hearings: What a poorly written article. How can anyone be taken seriously who […]

What is liberty? Where does the freedom to eat your neighbor’s cat intersect with, er, your neighbor’s cat? No one can ever know. It is ineffable and unknowable, like fuckin’ God, man! But we can know about commenter Nesnora’s date with a Libertarian, in response to today’s brilliant and wonderful and insightful and just plain […]

What what? What’s this? Comment of the Day is back? Yes, because Wonkette operative “chascates” sent us hardly any tips today. Enjoy it while it lasts, because we are disinclined to honor implied promises like “of the day” except when it suits us/we are bored. Nonetheless! The competition was fierce. Would it be Donner_Froh? Or […]

After today’s news about yet another reason for the whole world to despise Americans, Wonkette commenters discussed ways of avoiding death by angry mobs while traveling abroad. Ideas included dressing in the costume of a Canadian, and probably “weeping under the bed at a hotel.” But commenter GregComlish wins the afternoon with his comment: I […]

In the Diminished Expectations Department, Obama’s Justice Department persecuting Obama-lovin’ leftists for having liberal ideals is one of those things that warrants a very reasonable response like, Eh I’m never voting again and also am going to BLOW UP AMERICA, even though such a response will also result in Obama’s Justice Department persecuting you. But […]

It’s time for a special late-night edition of Oh Dear God the Glenn Beck People Are Still Trying To Comment On Wonkette. But first, a special contribution to the “Tea Party Racists Will All Listen To NPR Now” post from the other day. This person wants us to know that it’s okay to be racist, […]

If the Tea Party Era has taught us anything, it’s that America’s problems go far beyond common illiteracy. There’s something much stranger and more horrible at work within the shrunken heads and giant bellies of the Teabaggers. They just might be space alien parasites, trying hard to fit in and basically succeeding. Think about it: […]

There’s nothing quite like finding a bizarre, illiterate comment in the moderation queue and having no idea what it’s referencing. In many ways, this is the greatest part of being a Wonkette editor: being pummeled by random waves of anonymous insanity, wondering if these people live nearby, or if they’ve figured out where Washington is, […]

Remember the Ironic Tale of crazy gun/god fanatic Sarah Palin being threatened by a crazy gun/god fanatic? Guess who doesn’t like that kind of story? Crazy gun/god fanatics who are also Sarah Palin fanatics! Could this somehow result in a “Comment of the Day” feature on your Wonkette? Oh yes it can! “I hope the […]

WIN OF THE ... MORNING!  11:38 am August 14, 2009

by Ken Layne

COMMENT OF THE DAY: Regarding John Edwards’ long-delayed admission that he knocked up that new-age video gal and made her hide his baby all this time, commenter Vewol Mevemont says, “That child is the grandson of a mill worker.” And that, friends, is made of WIN.

COMMENT OF THE DAY  11:02 pm May 27, 2009

by Ken Layne

WIN OF THE AFTERNOON: In response to this post about bulbous adulterer crybaby Newt Gingrich twit-bitching about Sonia Sotomayor while he was visiting Auschwitz (!) today, Wonkette commenter GuruKalehuru offered this sad assessment of America’s dumbest fad for old people: “This twitter thing is going to be like the new ‘It was the alcohol talking.’ […]

COMMENTS  4:47 pm July 25, 2008

by Ken Layne

COMMENT OF THE DAY: “I remember when Batman told everyone to go shopping and to fly more to fight the Joker. Also, when he gave up golf for a few weeks. That was so brave to do, in this time of terror and war.” [George W. Bush Is Exactly Like Batman]

WONKETTE  4:09 pm October 2, 2007

by Alex Pareene