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Donald Trump’s China Tariffs Gonna Screw Over Iowa. Is Iowa Important For Politics?

International trade actually turns out to be pretty darn complicated. Just ask Milo Minderbinder.

Tim Allen And Adam Carolla To Produce Searing Documentary About Their Own Irrelevance In Modern America

It is a sad and tragic tale about how unfair it is that college students don't think they're funny anymore.

Is Jack Chick In Hell?

Jack Chick is up in heaven now, with Isaac Asimov and Kurt Vonnegut.

The Guy Who Makes These Comics Just Really Gets Women

Wow! It's like he's inside our very brains!

Don’t Listen To Teevee Chefs About Sunscreen Plz

Oh thank God, it's the Snake Oil Bulletin!
He hasn't even achieved his ultimate form

Who Knew Spiders Were Into Bondage? Your Saturday Nerdout

If it's weekend, it's time for nerding, so let's get caught up on our geekery. Or at least partly caught up. There is always more nerdy stuff out there! Of Arachnid Bondage A few weeks back, we brought you the thrilling...
Remember how dirty, scuffed up spaceships were a big deal?

Here, Have A Lot More Star Wars Crap: Your Saturday Nerdout

Happy Long Weekend Saturday, Nerdlings, and here is a whole bunch of Nerdstuff that we meant to bring you last weekend, except some rogue Bernie Sanders droids had to go and steal the blueprints for Hillary Clinton's electoral battle...
Don't you want a t-shirt that looks like this? CLICK INSIDE TO GET IT!

Hillary Clinton And Sid Blumenthal Did Benghazi, For LOLs. Your Weekly Top Ten

Well hello there, Wonkers. It's Sunday afternoon, and we have been sleeping this whole weekend because we spent ALL THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, SO MANY HOURS OMG, chronicling the shitshow that was the Benghazi hearings. Did Hillary come out on...
Probably not kosher, if you know what we mean (and we think you do)

Weird Sex Mushrooms Give Ladies Spontaneous Orgasms (Or Not): Your Saturday Nerdout

A happy Saturday to you, oh Nerdlings of Wonkette! We've got pornographic mushrooms (maybe), scientific proof of aliens (probably not), leftist comic books (hardly even), and a homemade Starship Enterprise (definitely!), plus much more for you this week! 'Orgasm...
Aren't you a little slobbery for a stormtrooper?

Your Saturday Nerdout: Are You Ready For The Supermoon Eclipse? Or Apocalypse?

Time for your weekend nerding, you nerd people! It's also maybe the weekend civilization collapses, again, so let's hope you've laid in a supply of Twinkies and booze. That's No Space Station, That's A Moon Sunday night through Monday...
He went for period accuracy where possible, but left out the tear gas and clubs

John Lewis Is A Comics Superhero, Prepare For Ludicrous Speed, And Earth 2.0: Your Saturday Nerd-Out

Happy Saturday, and welcome to your moment of Nerding: Just a few stories that we thought were pretty cool because they appeal to the geek in us. Real Life Superhero Cosplays As Himself For starters, how about congressman John Lewis of...
Glenn Beck and some of his fans

Glenn Beck Knows Why The Walking Dead Is A Hit: It’s The End Of The World And We Know It

The shambling, dead-eyed masses lurched forward, drawn, some singly, some in groups, by some inexplicable impulse, to gather in herds of ravening, senseless hunger. They surged mindlessly without stopping, emitting guttural incoherent moans. Bereft of reason, they fed ravenously...

Oh No What Will You Do Without ‘Doonesbury’? (If You Are 89 Years Old)

Now that his Amazon sitcom Alpha House has been renewed for another "season," Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau will put the comic strip on hold. Fine, just as long as there's not another Doonesbury musical. This development in no way...

Lady At (Penis!) Archie Comics Sounds Like (Penis!) Loads Of Fun To Work For (Penis!)

So it looks like Yr Doktor Zoom has landed on the Comix Beat today, what with that funnybook review we did earlier, and then a story about unoriginal cartoon character Allen West, and now this bizarre story about a...

Wonkette Book Club: This Al Capp Bio Is A First-Rate Book About A Real Jerk

When Kid Zoom was a wee lad of about 4, his favorite bedtime story for a while was Yr Doktor Zoom's extemporaneous retelling of Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight. No idea how we stumbled on that narrative as a bedtime...

Someone Please Assure Us That This ‘Steampunk Palin’ Comic Is An Elaborate Prank

Everyone should drop what they're doing right now and give a million Pulitzers to the Comics Alliance for blowing the lid off of an upcoming "Steampunk Palin" comic book/graphic novel/spank mag. It is (obviously) about a near-future...