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Tag: comic-con

He went for period accuracy where possible, but left out the tear gas and clubs

John Lewis Is A Comics Superhero, Prepare For Ludicrous Speed, And Earth 2.0: Your Saturday Nerd-Out

Happy Saturday, and welcome to your moment of Nerding: Just a few stories that we thought were pretty cool because they appeal to the geek in us. Real Life Superhero Cosplays As Himself For starters, how about congressman John Lewis of...

Stephen Colbert Just Loves Him Some Comic-Con Nerds, Also Rich People (Video)

We're going to throw a double dose of Stephen Colbert at you this morning, mostly because we're just so darned indecisive. So hey, let's go with TWO clips! First up, a potpourri from last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, that...

Blagojevich Sets Up Table At Chicago Comic-Con, Charges $50 For Autographs

Next time you go to a Comic Con, make sure you bring your wallet, as it will be $80 to take a photo with this former Illinois governor and $50 to get his autograph. While touring the floor, Blagojevich...