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Marvel, the comics company that has built its franchise on superheroes with human problems — like Peter Parker’s lonesome quest to find something good on TV — will build a new comic book around a 16-year-old Pakistani-American girl named Kamala Khan, who has to balance superheroics with being a high school student and a first-generation […]

There is plenty of Insanity happening out there already to support the idea that maybe this country is getting close to arriving at the End Times, but just in case anyone was still holding onto some “Hope,” last week we received absolute confirmation that everything will be horrible forever, and Barack Obama will continue to […]

When even the nation’s beloved cartoon superheroes are saying “Eh, fuck this place and your loser god,” your country might be on the “wrong track.”

Matthew Yglesias writes in earnest about McDonald’s policy. [Matt Yglesias] The Obama Administration loves to have sex with minors. RedState knows this is true, because Whoopee Goldberg said something on teevee and also isn’t it obvious? Q.E.D., Amen. [RedState] Delicious Mustache Ride John Bolton admits that some people are normal and straight like him, and […]

Here’s what’s happening: a bunch of hippies inspired by the Nobama campaign are giving up consulting and corporate law to become Progressive Activists and Organizers, at least until the recession passes. They are enrolled in something called “New Organizing Institute Boot Camp” and, for Training, have been holding a mock election for DC mayor — […]

The crazed baby-farming, Bush-groping McCarthyite fluorescent light bulb evangelist Michele Bachmann captures the imaginations of liberals and artists alike. How, they wonder, can somebody be so nuts without very publicly nurturing an addiction to high-strength prescription meds?

Who is that mysterious black person in a business suit who looks absolutely nothing like Barack Obama, your new president? It’s COMIC-BOOK Barack Obama, that’s who! Jesus fucking christ, could Marvel Comics maybe hire somebody who can maybe draw something vaguely resembling the president-elect, rather than “random negro dude in a suit who also seems […]

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