Well this sounds like a regular gut-buster of comedic hilarity: Koch Industries, the legitimate business side of Charles and David Koch’s rightwing empire, is looking to put together an improv troupe, which ought to be just about the funniest development in comedy since the invention of the diesel powered whoopee cushion. New York magazine has […]

If there’s anything SNL does brilliantly, it’s movie parodies. And political sketches! And political movie sketches with a tough-guy monologue you remember from the trailer because you didn’t even have to see the movie, but here is Liam Neeson delivering another version of it anyway, and not even looking very embarrassed about the whole thing! […]

What the hell is going on over at the Guardian, you might be wondering, given that they recently let former Bush speechwriter Josh TreviƱo post an 18-paragraph column explaining why he wrote a 23-word tweet, over a year ago, that expressed nonchalance at the idea of the IDF killing novelist Alice Walker? (Hint: it has […]

Our beloved FLOTUS has been the subject of some “trouble” lately, but of course, that is one of the things we like about her. We also adore her style, charm, and biceps. That Michelle Obama charm was on full display last night, when our FLOTUS made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. […]

That guy who harmlessly made a YouTube video involving children? Obviously, he couldn’t actually be convicted of making child pornography, but that didn’t stop prosecutors from bullying him into pleading guilty and taking punishment for a crime that doesn’t exist: under a plea deal, Emory pled no contest to “unlawful posting of an Internet message […]

This doesn’t ever really happen, so we thought the moment should be memorialized: Andrew McCarthy, the National Review/”Brat Pack” blogger, wrote a sentence that in its clarity and honesty is unlike all other National Review Online sentences: “What really increases terrorist recruitment is invading Muslim countries, killing Muslims there, and staying to try to build […]

A 21-year-old man from Muskegon, Michigan, who, like every young person in Michigan, is unable to find work, decided to spend his spare time making a comedy YouTube video. He filmed himself singing regular, kid-geared songs to a group of children and then recut it so it looked like he was singing them a dirty […]

Still bummed out over America’s comedic loss of Christine O’Donnell? Relax! There’s always another Top Tier Clown that will emerge to provide the laughs in the next election cycle. And the 2012 Humor Olympics have begun, because George Allen will announce today that he’s running for the Senate in Virginia, in 2012! Just six years […]

If you haven’t heard, Comedy Central is going to have a comedy event this weekend on the National Mall, because some of their shows are primarily rooted in political humor. This has very much confused the media, because people who hold “rallies” on this spot of dirt and grass are usually very political! (Except for […]

Remember Michelle Malkin? Apparently Aisha Tyler does, because she mentioned on a radio show that she would like to kick Malkin “right in the nuts if I met her.” Michelle Malkin has seen this, has gasped and hyperventilated in horror, and does not like these funny librul ladies mocking her “sexuality,” which is apparently what […]

Liveblogging coverage of tonight’s exciting/terrible primaries will begin very soon now! But just like on the Cable TeeVee News, your Wonkette Political Team must sit around with their laptops engaged in pre-game punditry. What, for example, are we supposed to do if Our Blessed Lady of Wingnuttery actually loses her suburban wingnut congressional seat? WHAT […]

The exact opposite person of dimwit scam-artist Sarah Palin is the very talented writer, comic and actress person Tina Fey. Somehow, it was fated that Tina Fey would — when the nation needed it most — perform comedy impersonations of the dimwit scam-artist Sarah Palin. Fey was also head writer on Saturday Night Live during […]

RNC comedy chairman Michael Steele has finally stepped up and taken responsibility for the Republicans’ insane bondage-lesbian-strip-club party spending, if by “stepped up” you mean “he fired the finance director and the deputy finance director.” (He fired another minor character in this sexytime melodrama back in March.) Steele, America’s Number One hilarious person, told RNC […]

America’s #1 Republican, GOP Chairman Michael Steele, likes to “make it rain” at fancy liberal sex clubs. According to important new Republican webzine The Daily Caller, just last month Steele “spent $1,946.25 at Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex.” He dropped more than $15,000 at the Beverly Hills […]

How does Fox News trim the work force during a terrible recession without mentioning layoffs at all? Just put out an “internal memo” announcing a sudden & comical “zero tolerance” for the constant fuckups and intentional lies that make Fox News so funny. (The memo went out Friday, so it didn’t mention today’s hilarious idiocy.) […]