Your Wonkette did something terrible this week, and it is time to get our Step Eight on, and make amends. In our post about the seven hottest conservative men to have judged the 20 hottest conservative women, we left out Steven Crowder. We did this because after googling him, we figured the picture that came […]

Remember Michelle Malkin? Apparently Aisha Tyler does, because she mentioned on a radio show that she would like to kick Malkin “right in the nuts if I met her.” Michelle Malkin has seen this, has gasped and hyperventilated in horror, and does not like these funny librul ladies mocking her “sexuality,” which is apparently what […]

Look, it’s one of your newest pretend boyfriends, Shepard Smith of Fox News, being a Maverick and unloading on comedian Nick Di Paolo for suggesting that the Liberal media was responsible for Obama’s victory. Shep you dirty traitor! More importantly: what the hell is this? They are sitting at a beer pong table in the […]