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Americans, we need to band together. Not you fake-Americans what who love the gehys and messicans and blahs and all the creepy different people who are ruining this country white folk rightly earned by killing off the people who were here before. We need Real AmericansTM to stop our country from being overrun by damn […]

Eric Owens has what may be the easiest job at Tucker Carlson’s Home for the Chronically Angry — he’s the “Education Editor.” So basically, his job is to find news items about teachers who say dumb things, professors who hurt conservative students’ delicate sensibilities, and, his favorite topic, the “national epidemic of schoolteachers having sex […]

The immense national controversy over Barack Obama’s college records has heated up to almost lukewarm with today’s breathless Daily Caller story about an anonymous Columbia University alum who says that an unnamed official at Columbia told him that Obama’s GPA at the school was 2.6. This unimpeachable (get it?) info-bombshell, coming in the wake of […]

SOME DEAD POETS SOCIETY SHIT  1:56 pm January 23, 2010

by Juli Weiner

A PARAPHRASE OF HIS 2006 COLUMBIA COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS, PROBABLY: “How many fucking times do I have to go to fucking New York this week? How many fucking times can you fucking graduate from fucking Columbia?” – John McCain, biological father of Meg McCabe, Columbia ’07/Twitter ’10. (Game Change, p. 238.) In lumine Tipster “Dave P.” […]

Some folks have found a copy the CNN schedule for tonight’s Service Nation Presidential Candidates Forum at Columbia University, on 9/11. Following remarks from the president of Columbia University and the governor of New York and before remarks from 9/11 families, John McCain, and Barack Obama, the famous movie star Tobey Maguire will speak about […]