An unidentified 66-year old municipal official had to have his penis surgically removed after injuries sustained when he “enthusiastically overdosed on Viagra,” according to doctors. Just in case anything else in the story could be thrown in to make it sound completely fake, the afflicted gentleman is said to be a former member of the […]

“Wheels up, rings off,” amirite Secret Service? Maybe! Everything we know about this sexxxy new scandal we learned from Twitter! What else does Twitter have to tell us about the #SecretService getting bom dia-ed in Colombia? * Pay your prostitute DUMBASS. * They had a Groupon. * 10 Recommendations For a quicker and much easier […]

Well how about that. The Colombians — the people who make bloggers’ cocaine — also make a special detergent with fabric softener that turns hard shoes into pretty flowers, to be thrown at George W. Bush. Who would ever want such a product? [Animal New York]

For years, McCain has been serving as imperial warrior-king of Colombia. He is tasked with pleasuring the leader of “Chiquita” (a leftist banana terror group) and ruling FARC, which is “Acorn” in Spanish. [Hendrik Hertzberg] Palin says that she would tell people to stop calling Obama a terrorist if she ever heard people call him […]

Nobody is too enthused about this whole McCain deal, and time is slowing to a crawl as the Voting Public and News Media realize they need to pretend to care about this until a week after Halloween, which seems like 10,000,000 years away, and may never happen anyway, because of the Nuclear War with Iran […]

DEMOCRATS  4:09 pm June 11, 2007

Colombians Heart Clintons

by Alex Pareene