We tried SO HARD to listen to all seven minutes of Bill O’Reilly whinesplaining about how hippies are taking over everything, but it is really difficult you guys. We were going to pass the pain on to you and embed that sucker here, but it looks like you pay monies to Fox to make that […]

From excessive drinking to being high pretty much all the time to a wardrobe consisting of only pajamas, blogging college sure is a rockin good time. And, it helps you get a job that pays money, which enables you to buy progressively better whiskey, hoping for that one magical day when you can afford the […]

Good morning, Wonkatarians! Today, a bit of a departure! As it happens, within the last couple weeks Yr Doktor Zoom’s gotten a few emails and comments that we thought needed to be shared with The Readers — and for a change, they’re not of the “Dear Shit Fer Brains” variety. And so we are in […]

Hey ladies! Are you looking to go to college, Lean In, and really get ahead in this world? Perhaps you are from a predominantly Muslim country and you are trying to break glass ceilings over there so we don’t have to break glass ceilings over here, something something mixed metaphors. Well, if you are one […]

Would you believe that holding a recruitment drive for the NSA is, well, not so easy these days? Apparently some Americans — probably just the ones who are not quite desperate enough for gainful employment and medical benefits — are a little bit uncomfortable with working for an agency that is explicitly tasked with secretly […]

WILLOW PALIN GRADUATES! WILLOW PALIN GRADUATES! Etc. Good job, Wills, we are happy at ya for graduating from what your sainted mother describes as a “hair and skin academy,” where you went on foreign exchanges (to Juarez we are guessing?) and visited “the sets of major media productions” (like Dancing With the Stars?) and did […]

Perhaps you have heard of the latest trend in education, wherein a professor at Stanford or whatever makes a bunch of Youtube videos, puts together some handouts, and puts it all on the web at a site called Coursera, which has dozens of “free” online classes offered by professors from Harvard, MIT, Princeton, UCLA, and […]

We are sure these Christian radio hosts were not trying to gift us with the joy of laughter, the heartiest, most cleansing laughs we have had in weeks. We believe they are quite serious, as they prove without a doubt the link between letting your daughter go to college and her ugly feminist professors turning […]

Marijuana is a SUPER RISKY drug you guys, we don’t know if you knew that, but David Frum is giving out free advice today about the dangers of marijuana, and how it leads to you not understanding your home loan and something about structural racism/classism in higher education. No, seriously, THIS IS WHAT HE IS […]

Hello, do you write incoherently and do you have a thinly veiled agenda? Then come on down to the Hill and write an Op-Ed, they apparently have very low standards and anyone is welcome! Like Dale Schlundt, an adjunct professor in Business Administration at at community college in Texas, who has written an incoherent article […]

Do you have a career? Because if so, you are probably an Old or a Rich, given that they are not just letting people have careers anymore. See, careers are now for the idle wealthy, and the rest of us people can look forward to a life of hustling from one freelance gig to another, […]

Truly shocking, Mitt Romney has moved on from chastising America for copying him to more important things, like the fact that education is expensive for a reason: so that only people who can afford it are permitted to get it. So true! While in Virginia on Friday, Romney said that while America may be “the […]

This morning is filled with Amazon warriors, college tuition costs, and new and exciting ways to make conservatives mad! Wow, that sounds like a CBS sitcom that’ll never happen. Female soldiers want to be involved in front-line combat. Feminism, bringing you closer to the action! [MSNBC]

Rep. Virginia Foxx is a remarkable idiot from North Carolina whom our national political system has rewarded with vast power. As head of the House Education and Workforce subcommittee, she’s the House’s point-person on various important higher education issues of the day: exploding student debt loads, oversight of for-profit colleges, the funding of Pell Grants, […]

Romney says Obama has “spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps.” Romney spent more time attending Harvard than Obama did. — Kasie Hunt (@kasie) April 5, 2012 Mitt Romney, privileged child of a prominent American politician, attended Harvard University for four years to pick up two professional degrees, in law and business, before heading into […]