“Say,” you’re probably thinking. “That’s a good-looking nickel. One of those saucy ones from 2005. You could use it to buy a piece of Double Bubble, or maybe you could put in the ‘take a penny, leave a penny’ tray at the gas station if you want to blow minds with your generosity.” But that’s […]

A shrewd investor knows that not all 1-666 Call Later infomercials will make you rich immediately. Aside from Cats4Gold and multifarious Glenn Beck NASCAR bullion, most televised coins and samurai kitchen swords will provide only “modest” returns — and only if FDR doesn’t steal them from you first. So you need to be very careful […]

No one was allowed to record or write anything about Sarah Palin’s big speech Friday night, but guess what, that didn’t matter. Politico‘s Jonathan Martin “snuck in” and reported blood and heads rolling, everywhere, an actual depiction of Hell. At some point, Sarah Palin started complaining about some mysterious Negro force that might be ruining […]

MONEY  2:33 pm November 16, 2007

Paultard Money Seized in Raid!

by Jim Newell