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Madea Heckles The President

  guess he won't shut down gitmo just yet

code pinkWere you, like us, not really watching the Prezzy’s speech about drones or Gitmo or whatever ...


Joe ‘You Lie!’ Wilson Books Flight To Israel To Have Fun Debate With American President, Apparently

  does bamz come to your work and slap the dick out of your mouth?

Israel’s most ...


NRA Literally Blows Nation’s Head Off; Midwest Has Sucking Chest Wound

  don't know what we were thinking

In a bizarre “press conference” that permitted no questions, National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre declined to offer the sort of ...


Glitter Bomb Strikes Tim Pawlenty At Book Signing

  if only all our bombs were filled with glitter

GOP presidential candidate and gay marriage opponent Tim something-or-other was unwisely lurking around signing books in known homosexual watering hole San Francisco when he was, as the kids ...


  disapproval disapproved

These mountains would look better with no snow on them, right?MOAR WORDS!