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Updated Update: OK, got the video working! It’s right after the jump! Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher sent us a tip with some exclusive video of a Code Pink protest across the street from the White House today while Barry Bamz met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As is their trademark, they were not especially polite: […]

By now you have probably read about the Great TAMPONGHAZI!!!! at the Texas capitol building in Austin Friday. While the state senate went through their little Kabuki theater to pass a bill with stringent restrictions on abortion, everybody entering the gallery to watch the performance got searched for contraband tampons by officers of the Department […]

‘Twas a mere four weeks ago when El Jefe Obama gave a speech about drones or something and nobody was really listening until Tyler Perry showed up and yelled at the prez about how he should close the prison at Guantanamo with his magic presidenting powers and Barry actually said that her point of view […]

Were you, like us, not really watching the Prezzy’s speech about drones or Gitmo or whatever because BoRING, but it was on in the background because, fuck we don’t even know why? We guess it is sort of glancingly our “job” but screw that. Well, perhaps Angry Hulk Obama made some news in there (who […]

Israel’s most hated enemy/most Jewishest president yet Barack Obama is in the Holy Land today, and somebody went all Code Pink on him (we assume; the protester must have been an anti-drone civil libertarian, right? Right? Because conservatives all have impeccable manners and Respect for the Office of the Presidency and would never be so […]

In a bizarre “press conference” that permitted no questions, National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre declined to offer the sort of small but sensible concession that many idiots like your Editrix expected in the wake of the Newtown massacre — offering to compromise on the gun show loophole for background checks, for instance, […]

GOP presidential candidate and gay marriage opponent Tim something-or-other was unwisely lurking around signing books in known homosexual watering hole San Francisco when he was, as the kids say, “glitter-bombed.” Code Pink activists dumped an envelope of pink glitter on Pawlenty and yelled at him. Previously, helmet-haired balloon-head human Newt Gingrich had the special privilege […]

DISAPPROVAL DISAPPROVED  11:34 am June 11, 2010

by Josh Fruhlinger

OH LOOK SOMEONE FROM CODE PINK DID SOMETHING THEATRICAL AND IRRITATING, WHAT A SURPRISE: Alaska-based oil monster Lisa Murkowski had her “resolution of disapproval” (is this a real thing with legal implications, or just a thing Murkowski made up to sound mean?) to stop the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide voted down by the Senate, […]

Fancy book-author Karl Rove went to Beverly Hills last night to take questions about his very very gay dad. But then Code Pink showed up to make a citizen’s arrest, and Karl had no security! Was he able to beat up these ladies good? Also, someone brings up the Downing Street Memo, which Rove calls […]

John McCain is not having an easy time at these Town Hall Death Panels. A few days ago he got booed for suggesting that former Constitutional law professor Barack Obama is familiar with the Constitution; and then last night he got hassled by one of those irritating Code Pink broads. So he THREW HER OUT, […]

Here’s your “Tuesday Lunch Video,” hooray! During today’s House Financial Services Committee hearings with archvillains Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner, Barney Frank interrupted each of them to admonish the daring Code Pink protesters in the room, who came with their usual cardboard signs and cat calls and what not. He told them to “grow up” […]

The Code Pink liberals held their “throw shoes at Bush” reenactment yesterday, yay. A small but dedicated crowd went and threw shoes at a plaster Bush zombie. But then something far worse appeared, from the “neo-liberal” Washington Post newspaper: DANA MILBANK, with a cameraman, reporting on the fun for his next grating “local color” column. […]

So the members of lefty protest group Code Pink were watching the YouTube of the Iraqi journalist chucking his shoes at shifty George Bush and realized, “OMG, why didn’t we think of that first?” And voila, press release! A forthcoming event!

That Alaska blog that all of the hipsters are reading now has pictures from the Alaska Women Reject Palin protest in Anchorage this weekend, which the blogger claims was “the biggest political rally ever, in the history of the state.” It looks like Code Pink flew some folks in, given the high percentage of “filthy […]

On our 17-mile march from downtown Denver to “The Perimeter,” which is a police blockade at least another 17 miles from the actual Pepsi Center, we ran into these friends. Thousands of riot cops, thousands of hippies, thousands of blocked crossways and pedestrian routes to The Perimeter. They are protesting Barack Obama’s War in Iraq, […]