How many elected officials in the state of Florida have to be discovered on a list of clients at a brothel before Your Wonkette deigns to write about it? One? Two? Three? Oh, no, wait, we guess it’s only two. So, noted central Florida pimp Mark David Risner, what sort of politicians did you lure […]

Guess who may run for mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida! Mark Foley is certain the voters would give him a chance. “I do have the luxury that I can be the last man to file if I choose to, and still have the name ID,” he told a local newspaper. That does sound very […]

Who knew Carl Paladino would be so much fun, what with his homosexual gay-man night clubs and the boobies and the gay parades? We thought he was just an ignorant boring gazillionaire creep who forced racist porn on his underlings!

A long time ago right before this current presidential campaign began, in 2006, there was a charming middle-aged Florida bachelor congressman named Mark Foley who loved to masturbate while typing dirty messages to the boy-children who served as Congressional pages. Occasionally, he would show up drunk at the boy-page barn and demand some action. There […]

REPUBLICANS  11:08 am November 30, 2007

Cocktober… Blowvember… ???

by Jim Newell

AP  5:07 pm November 24, 2007

by Jim Newell

FLORIDA  6:02 pm November 16, 2007

Bob Allen Sentenced, Resigns :(

by Jim Newell

TOP  3:12 pm November 14, 2007

Downer Gay People Ruining Fun!

by Jim Newell