Coverage of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 is now getting into the “alternative theory” phase: as anyone knows, planes don’t just vanish into thin air. So CNN’s Don Lemon and guest Brad Meltzer, bored with actual reporting, gave serious consideration Sunday to the possibility that the plane actually vanished into thin air. […]

Piers Morgan should not be making headlines. It simply isn’t news to discover that his catastrophically low-rated show is being canceled. But that’s not to say the story shouldn’t have been covered. It should have been covered every day. Every day Piers Morgan was allowed to have a one-hour show on CNN was a miracle, […]

How’s this for an exciting groundswell of grassroots support? Albert Merrick, some poor schlub at Ben Shapiro’s Conservative Equivalent to Media Matters, got assigned to fluff the boss in a piece announcing “Shapiro Suggested As Replacement For Morgan.” And that’s not just in-house boss-fellating, either, so Merrick’s lede is 100% accurate: TruthRevolt Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro […]

You’ve probably already heard the sad news already: CNN is cancelling Piers Morgan’s primetime talk show whose title, Piers Morgan Tonight, we had to look up because come on, Piers Morgan. Across our great land, the news is being greeted with a wave of indifference almost equal to that which led to the program’s cancellation. […]

Here’s a surprise! Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was pretty happy to embrace Ted Nugent at a campaign appearance the other day, but now it’s almost as if he would rather poop in his own pants than talk to these CNN liberal media jerks about what a swell guy Ted Nugent is. What could have […]

George Zimmerman Fan Club President Frank Taaffe, HLN’s go-to source for commentary on the joys of killing black children armed self defense against thugs, sometimes is accused of racism. As open- and fair-minded lieburals, we are careful about throwing that sort of terminology around, because the TRUE danger to American society, the REAL racism, is…hang […]

So first off, let’s get the sorta-apology out of the way. Yesterday, in our story on the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis for being black and in a car with loud music, we said that one of the few good things to note about the media coverage of the murder is that “outside of white […]

Jon Stewart is in Full Media Analysis Mode in this segment about American networks’ coverage of French President Francois Hollande’s visit to America. Oh, sure, there’s a whole lot of International Relations stuff they could report on, but mostly we learn all about the “tawdy soap opera” resulting from Hollande’s arrival sans une première Dame. […]

Carrion-feeding HLN anchor Nancy Grace is not one bit happy about this upcoming pugilistic contest between acquitted teen-shooter George “Sweet Florida Justice” Zimmerman and rapper person “DMX,” who sounds like an additive you’d find in cough syrup. Grace, whose career consists of walking viewers through the sordid details of crimes — for educational purposes, of […]

Oh Mittens. Why couldn’t you just get fat and sassy and grow a beard like other presidential losers, huh? Oh that’s right – because staying out of the public eye and not griping about being a sore loserman takes class, and perhaps that program hasn’t been uploaded yet. Instead, you are still rehashing things that […]

So here’s a bit of video editing that’s not going to go on anyone’s resume: In a story on Hillary Clinton being interviewed at the National Auto Dealers Association, because of course that’s a natural venue for former secretaries of state, some genius at CNN edited two parts of the video together with a 14-nanosecond […]

So here is a clip of Robert Reich articulately laying out the case for why the minimum wage needs to be raised, and CNN’s S.E. Cupp not hearing anything but “victimizing job creators for class war.” It’s worth watching, if only for information you can use in your own conversations with wingnuts, and as an […]

The ‘knockout game’ is over. OK, it was probably never even a real thing in the sense that it was hard to see how it was any different from getting “snuck” by “some idiot” which has been going on “since forever.” Never mind that. Pretend it was real, and that it was a big deal. […]

Fresh off his ridiculous unexpected but sadly deserved glorious defeat of the gubmint reading your sexts, one would have thought that Larry Klayman’s victory lap would at least be somewhat coherent. One would be oh so very wrong, of course, because when it comes to Larry Klayman, all bets are on him reverting to his […]

In case you’re one of those people who wonders to yourself, Gosh, how could cable “news” possibly get even more unbearably unbearable, heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s your answer: Jay Leno. CNN President Jeff Zucker said earlier this month that he wants CNN to have more of “an attitude and a take” and to have it compete not just […]