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And you should resign, too

Genius DNC Staffer Who Suggested Painting Bernie Sanders As Atheist Can Go To Very Religious Hell

One of the leaked DNC emails shows party operatives floated the idea of hinting Bernie Sanders was an atheist. Good lord, that was stupid.
Both screencaps are from teevee shows starting with 'State of...' Isn't that something?

Let’s Kick Debbie Wasserman Schultz Around One More Time, For Old Time’s Sake

Just in time for the Democratic National Convention, Debbie-Wasserman Schultz has fired herself. Bloody well about time.

Arizona Taking Even Longer To Count Votes Than Florida, Which May Get Unearned Sense Of Competence

Arizona appears to be ahead in the race to the bottom of the electoral-competence barrel, yay! Nearly a week after the election, hundreds of thousands of votes were still waiting to be tallied. To the surprise of absolutely no...

NATO Finally Agrees To Take Command of Libyan ‘Easy Part’

Hooray, the plan worked! Sort of ... NATO will take "command" of the no-fly zone enforcement, but still refuses to have anything to do with the "dropping bombs" and "blowing shit up" part. So, America will continue the command...

Trillion-Dollar Freedom On The March