The price of cotton is going through the roof (not really though). Usually when things become more expensive it is because Goldman Sachs fucked with the commodity markets, again. But not this time! This time you can blame Asia, for its multifarious droughts and other natural disasters: Attention T-shirt fans: Bag those deep discounts now […]

Sarah Palin flew to Idaho overnight to campaign for a congressional candidate who thinks Puerto Rico is a state — of the United States, not of Mexico, which it is — when she lost her luggage. The professional snowbilly grifter never wears adult clothes on planes, of course, so she had to “borrow” dress clothes […]

Sarah Palin’s long sartorial nightmare is over, as the Federal Election Commission finally decided that the bazillions of dollars spent on her pacifiers, Italian couture jackets, and Victoria’s Secret lingerie were legal. Palin’s clothes did not constitute “personal use of campaign funds” because the funds in question came from the RNC instead of the McCain/Palin […]

The number one problem facing everyone in the Republican party right now is that they cannot bring themselves to foot the bill for their own clothing, and this ends them up in terrible scrapes. Like Sarah Palin, the amiable Alaskan parasite whose popularity plunged after it turned out the money-soaked Republican National Committee was paying […]

If you happen to be in that life stage where the only “cool” clothes you can afford are from the Gap, Forever 21 or H&M, you will be happy to know that Commonwealth is having their annual Winter Blowout sale from Jan. 30-Feb. 8. Buy any two items and get one FREE (and this applies […]

Garbage queen Sarah Palin outraged all of America with her extravagant purchases of royal garments during her short, embarrassing reign as a vice presidential candidate. OK to be fair Sarah Palin did not actually buy the clothes; that was the fault of the evil Republican National Committee, who wanted to make her look like a […]

Cast your mind back to late October, when $150,000 still seemed like a lot of money. That’s how much the Republican National Committee reported it had spent to date on Sarah Palin’s silken royal costumes and tastefully selected haute couture for her rapidly multiplying hillbilly brood. It turns out that, in the final tally, the […]

The Republican equivalent of being sent to the gulag is babysitting Sarah Palin, and this thankless task has fallen to former Bush staffer and current McCain employee Nicolle Wallace. What unspeakable sin did Wallace commit in order to be saddled with this terrible burden? Only History will tell. But for now she insists it is […]

Ha ha ha, is there any chance McCain could still drop this grandstanding moron and pick Romney or somebody, er, less stupid and embarrassing? Sarah Palin just said, on the record, that the $150,000 clothes aren’t hers. “Those clothes, they are not my property.” And then a senior adviser on the McCain campaign tells CNN […]

Last week Sarah Palin was exposed as a vulgar fraud for parading around various poor white trash rallies in gazillion-dollar suits made by foreign elite gays and financed by a shadowy hedonist cabal called “the RNC”. She didn’t say anything about this terrible scandal for a while, because she trusted American voters would be more […]

“She needed clothes at the time.” Yeah, c’mon, what don’t you punks understand? EAT SHIT, CRITICS. These liberal media types don’t realize that clothes aren’t free. This isn’t Communist Russia, although reporters obviously want it to be — a nice little private chunk o’ Communist Russia, one for each gotcha journalist, sold in a tank. […]

In the tank ABC reporter Jake Tapper has spoken to a purportedly “well-respected” tax attorney who believes that Sarah Palin will have to declare that $150,000 worth of fancy convention clothes as income, because her excuse that they were “borrowed” from the RNC is kind of, well, wrong.

The right wing hasn’t been able to fully brand Obama as a GAY yet, as they did to John Kerry (Gay Trademark: being French) and Al Gore (Gay Trademark: fucking dudes). But Obama’s trying to help them out with his new online store section called “Runway to Change,” which features fancy clothes from elitist fashion […]

They even called her “our commander in sheath”! Michelle Obama officially joined Vanity Fair‘s International Best Dressed List, while Cindy McCain sat at home and wept into her Chico’s catalog. [NYDN/Vanity Fair]