climate change

David Barton, the fake historian who likes finding true facts about guns in Louis L’Amour novels and who wrote a whole book full of lies about Thomas Jefferson, is branching out from fake history into fake atmospheric science. In a recent YouTube chat with fellow evangelical thought leader Kenneth Copeland — who likes science so […]

Hey there, Wonketeers! It’s time once again for another appalling Wonkette Sci-Blog. Fire one up and come on in. Sometimes it’s just not a good idea to let the Stoned Kid drive. Many years ago a group of us were driving around wearing various aspects of an Illegal Smile (as was the fashion of the time). The […]

Thanks to the efforts of global warming deniers, House leadership has quietly pulled a bill that would have created an honorary, unpaid position of “American Science Laureate,” saving the nation’s schoolchildren from the specter of encountering dangerous pro-science messages. Science magazine explains that the bill was expected to pass easily until Larry Hart of the […]


Gays have it so easy, man. They can marry in 13 states, people – THIRTEEN! That’s as many as were originally in America when Jesus walked across the Atlantic Ocean to found this nation! And they can serve openly in the military, no longer having to fear being outed as they risk their lives in […]

In a rational world, it wouldn’t really be news that the Kentucky Board of Education approved new science standards for the state’s public schools — it would be a small note somewhere, and a disgruntled teuthologist might write an angry letter about the new standards’ disappointing lack of emphasis on cephalopods, and that would be […]

You just can’t beat Steve King (R-WTF) for sheer idiocy about climate change. For real, this guy is like the ninja master godking of stupid. You probably have to practice 6 to 8 hours a day to be this dumb. There’s likely an extensive training regimen of daily trepanning and lead paint supplements. Only with […]

It’s the penultimate day of July, which means it’s almost time for the kiddies to start rolling their eyes at all the Back To School sales. And of course, it’s time for wingnuts to stock up on fear, uncertainty, and doubt for the coming school year, too. (Haha, just kidding, that is a year-round activity!) […]

Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker (R – Buried Tire Fire) just wants to know why, in this mean old world, we can’t all get along. Perhaps tired of only coming up in internet searches as “the other guy who got Ricin letters from that one nutcase,” Wicker spoke up the other day for the plight of […]

It’s another day on Capitol Hill, so you know what that means: time for the GOP to find new ways to dick over the poor. Apparently growing bored trying to deny health care to poor Americans, the GOP is setting its greedy black-hearted sights on a larger market: the global poors. According to The Hill: […]

For this science-related item, yr Wonkette will start like all good scientists with a hypothesis: conservative wingnuts are a bunch of sniveling titty-babies whose sense of entitled butthurt is directly proportional to their tendency to say incredibly stupid things. In support of our theory we present crusty fuck-sock Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a bloviating sack of fail from […]

Your Wonkette is a Very Influential Blog on the Internet, an enviable position that nonetheless carries with it certain afflictions. For example, we often attract the attention of the sorts of folks who probably don’t get invited to many parties, because they are no fun at all. So it came as no surprise that yesterday’s […]

Sheldon Whitehouse, the senator from Rhode Island, went on a nice 15 minute tirade about climate change, but he accidentally forgot to tell James Inhofe to eat shit.

(See update at end) Blah blah blah, OF COURSE the meteorologist interviewed on MSNBC says today’s tornado that flattened Moore, Oklahoma, is the biggest tornado in the history of the planet. HE WAS ON MSNBC, DUH. We have little of consequence to add beyond GENERAL FUCKING OUTRAGE!!!1! that we have BROKEN THE FUCKING WEATHER but […]

We are basically in an imminent death-spiral, says a new report that will probably be ignored: Senior US government officials are to be briefed at the White House this week on the danger of an ice-free Arctic in the summer within two years. Worried? Don’t be! First of all, this will mostly affect Poors and women, and […]