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It's Night Three of the Democratic Convention. Let's watch together.

Oh thank God, it's the Snake Oil Bulletin!

The U.S., Canada, and Mexico announced an ambitious plan to curb emissions of greenhouse gases, and we're wondering why no conspiracy theories have yet sprung up around it.

Some thought coal magnate Robert Murray of corporate behemoth Murray Energy broke the law when he made his people attend a 2012 Mitt Romney...

Donald Trump just loves coal and oil, they're just tremendous and terrific. YOOOGE.

Republicans, who freaked out mightily over Ebola a couple years ago, are taking a far more laid-back approach to funding preparations for the Zika virus. We can't imagine why.

Donald Trump acknowledges climate change isn't 'bullshit' or 'a hoax' when it's threatening his Irish golf course.

Our weekly tour of the 2016 Senate races visits Georgia, where a political novice is running a longshot campaign to unseat a two-term Republican incumbent. Needless to say, it's a bit messier than that.

Thank God this nice congressman will fight off the scientists pretending global warming 'exists.'

It's a pity he's too shy to say what he really thinks.

Some temporary good news for the planet: Oil Companies have decided there's no money in drilling in the Arctic Ocean. For now.

Sad news about the global warming hoax, you guys. Turns out that the liberal scientists are so committed to their big lie that they're...

One of the nice things the White House does every year is its Science Fair, which is usually good for some nifty videos...

If you love something set it free, if it comes back it's probably covered in oil The Rockefeller family made much of its considerable bones...

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