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New York Post Goes On Cletus Safari, Finds This Scrappy Blue Collar … Chief Of Surgery?

He'll take those long nights, impossible odds, keepin' his eye to the keyhole.

Trump Letting Employers Grab Women’s … Money. Whew, Just Their Money! What A Relief!

It's almost breathtaking the number of ways the Trumpers have come up with to screw workers. Who'll keep voting for Trump.

New Trump Labor Rule Lets Trump Steal Servers’ Tips (Some More)

It really is all out war on workers with these bastards.

Trump Budget Makes America Great, Once Bodies Of Frozen Poor People Cleared Away

Have we mentioned this budget is terrible? It's actually terrible. No, worse than that.
In Trump's version, nobody gets paid.

Donald Trump Says He’s A Blue Collar Guy. And Tony Soprano Is A Waste Management Contractor.

We'd love to see a Thomas Hart Benton mural of Donald Trump
SCOTUS Roller Derby Team

Sonia Sotomayor Pissed, Y’all

Sotomayor doesn't think it's OK for cops to illegally stop and search you, then come up with reasons why later. Weird!

Fox Doc Keith Ablow Being A Jerk To All The Lazy, Potted-Up Millennials. That Is Wonkette’s Job!

Snotnosed Millennial brat thinks "Dr." Keith Ablow is not even the boss of him, whatever.

The Weekend Stock Photo Report Chooses To Be Gay

In this installment of The Weekend Stock Photo Report with Weekend S. Photo, Benjamin Netanyahu growls sofly and carries a big shtick, The Supreme Court dignifies the undignifiable, and Ben Carson is a doctor, really! Missed last week's report? No...
Our eyes will be on Old Handsome Joe. We hear Obama's going to talk, too.

Serious Pundit Ron Fournier Blesses Us With A State Of The Union Viewing Guide, Oh Joy

Bland centrist Ron Fournier, who seems to aspire to be David Broder without all the edginess, has graced us with some standards for judging Barack Obama's State of the Union address tonight. Needless to say, he thinks the Republican...

Sarah Palin Literally Scourges And Crucifies Paul Ryan For Not Hating Poors Hard Enough

Professional Eddie Munster imitator Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan had to be feeling pretty pleased with himself yesterday, raining all over B. Barry Bamz's football-spikin' party with a new 10-year budget proposal. Ryan's lil' April Fool's Day prank would...

Poor Persecuted Bazillionaire Tom Perkins Proves Critics Wrong: He *Can* Be A Bigger Dick

So you all remember Tom Perkins, right? He is the bazillionaire who is afraid that all the little people will go full-Nazi and holocaust all the rich people, because it was his turn to make the "just like Hitler"...

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Suddenly Very Worried The Tea Party Lunacy They Fostered Might Shut Down Government

It looks like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce did not get Ted Cruz's memo that "President" Obama is actually the one shutting down the government, because POLITICO is reporting that the Chamber has "rallied nearly 240 groups to sign...

GQ’s Michael Wolff Will Never Get A Table At The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe (Updated!)

Updated! TWICE!! Let us now consider the case of Michael Wolff, a mindless jerk who'll be first up against the wall when the revolution comes. While most ape descendants on this insignificant little blue-green world struggle to keep themselves...

Recovering Weirdo Congressbum Thaddeus McCotter Wrote A Short Story! It’s Not Very Good!

Greetings, prose-act nation, and welcome to Doktor Zoom's Fanfic Corner. Today, we'll be sampling some awesome fan fiction from around the web. Our first selection is from a site that doesn't usually run fanfic, Tucker Carlson's Internet Tendency. It's...